More than meets the eye

Don’t look at Samsung Smart Monitors as little more than just static canvasses to view your work or content because there’s much more where that came from. They are what you can call “do-it-all screens,” capable of not only providing you with great image quality, but also interesting features that can prove really useful.

These are the first monitors to combine streaming, mobile connectivity and remote access. You can get work done on this monitor — without a PC. Microsoft’s Office 365 suite comes pre-installed, letting you create and edit documents in the cloud. And when it’s time to stop working, you can always take advantage of the media and gaming features available.

Go the distance with Remote Access

You don’t always have to work from the same place when you can work seamlessly from anywhere. Samsung Smart Monitors have Remote Access, and with the Office 365 suite built-in, you can work on documents without connecting to a PC.

With Remote Access, you also have the chance to work remotely by accessing files from your school or office computer. Finish up a document or do a quick edit without having to go back and use that same computer first.

When it is time to plug in your computer, use the included USB-C cable to do it all. Project the laptop’s screen over to the monitor and transmit data. Plug in a compatible smartphone or tablet and run Samsung DeX for another unique desktop experience.

Start streaming with the Smart Hub

Samsung Smart Monitors bring so much of the company’s TV experience to your desk through the Smart Hub. No need for a PC or laptop when the monitor itself connects to your home or work Internet and streams from popular apps, like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and more.

Built-in speakers mean you don’t have to rely on computer speakers to hear the action. Samsung even includes a remote control, complete with support for popular voice assistants in Alexa, Google Assistant and Bixby for a full TV experience.

Integrated AirPlay 2 functionality lets you use Apple devices with seamless transition. Move over videos, music, photos and more from a Mac or iOS device to display on the monitor. Create a dual monitor setup with your MacBook or make it your monitor for your Mac Mini.

See more of every game

When it’s time to play, Samsung Smart Monitors are made to deliver the action in ways that matter. With a 21:9 aspect ratio, there is more of the game to see, letting you discover hidden areas in game scenes with Ultrawide Game View.

When you play sports games, you’ll see more of the pitch in a soccer match or football field, giving you an extra edge in seeing everything. Play a driving game or first-person shooter, and peripheral views provide a wider scene to work with.

Adaptive Picture uses sensors to automatically adjust brightness for the most optimal view in any ambience. Broad daylight or the dark of night won’t matter when you can watch comfortably in any lighting situation.

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  1. Cool product, but why it only has 250 nits of brightness on the M7? Dark AF. It’s 4k but not particularly sharp (VA panel, washed out). The M7 I bought has Bluetooth wifi and built in USB hub for a discounted price of 299 which i bought from best buy (ha, what a coincidence). It’s a nice package, but the office 365 is sluggish to the point I would call it unusable, and since im an iphone+mac+pc user, cannot take advantage of the devX thing. I also dont use that remote computer whatever feature. I use google chrome remote desktop but if the samsung one is of any good plz let me know.

    Also, don’t shame yourself about gaming. 60hz, no vsync, screen tearing, yea no it’s 1000% not for gaming. Consoles sure, but pc games, hell no.

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