The Samsung NU7400 UHD TV provides a captivating level of realism, whether you’re watching a high action film, or a live baseball game.

Thanks to the wide spectrum of accurate and lifelike colours, you’ll feel like you’re part of the action. The blacks are deep, and the whites are super white, drawing you into every little detail of your film or sporting event. With 4K resolution, which is four times that of full HD, enjoy 4K content from a compatible source. The NU7400 also has a powerful UHD engine that can upscale content to full 4K quality, even if it isn’t in native 4K.

The stylish and slim design with a neat and tidy cable system makes the television great for any room of the home. Find and watch content easily from your TV’s Smart Hub, or sync the TV with your phone to share, access, and control content all from one place.



The Samsung NU7400 UHD TV includes advanced colour technology called Dynamic Crystal Color that expresses a huge range of colours for optimal picture performance. The addition of millions of different shades of colours can make a noticeable difference, particularly when you watch movies or television shows that boast tons of bold and bright colours, like outdoor scenery, fashionable outfits, or crisp sports uniforms. The breathtaking, lifelike colours provide for a fully immersive experience.

Coupled with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, the Samsung UHD Engine offers smooth motion alongside the highly accurate colour reproduction. The smoothness is especially extended for gamers with the Auto Game Mode, which helps provide smoother, stutter-free game play.


Visible hanging or bundles of cords can be distracting for your viewing experience. The Clean Cable Solution in the Samsung NU7400 helps eliminate that by hiding the cords away, neatly managing them in a slim and sleek stand. This frees you from frustrating clutter, and allows for a neat and tidy set-up.

Additionally, the Samsung NU7400 is itself slim and stylish, making it ideal for any room of the home—from the bedroom to the living room or den.

In addition to a clean look, the metal body finish is also durable, further making it a great fit for any room. And it’s comfortable to view from any angle; there’s no need to find that sweet spot in which to sit.


These days, we don’t just watch content on our TVs from a cable or satellite TV set-top box: we often stream from the Internet through a variety of services, and various mobile devices.

The Samsung NU7400 comes with Bluetooth for pairing with Bluetooth-enabled devices, as well as the OneRemote control Smart Remote with voice recognition, and access to the SmartThings Dashboard. Compatible with the Bixby intelligent voice assistant, you can control the TV by talking to it.

With SmartThings, you can easily connect the Samsung NU7400 TV to other Smart-enabled devices in the home, which might include everything from a smartphone to home appliances. Get notifications on your TV screen about your laundry cycle and more, truly making the television the hub of your smart home.

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