Phyn Plus can keep water damage at bay

Finding a water leak isn’t a fun job, but the Phyn Plus Water Assistant takes the guesswork out of dealing with plumbing problems. Equipped with a smart monitor, it detects any unusual change in water pressure caused by a leak, and automatically shuts off the main water line to avoid any damage caused by it. It has the ability to diagnose potential plumbing issues as they happen, giving you a leg up on fixing it.

Once you install it on your home’s main water line, you can manage your water throughout the home, even when you’re away. Know how much your appliances are using, or how much really goes toward showers. The insight this single device provides can be the difference between a timely fix or expensive repair. And you don’t pay an extra fee to know what’s going on. No subscription or hidden fees apply here.

Phyn Plus detects the leak, so you can act on it

With advanced leak detection, Phyn Plus keeps a steady eye on everything happening in the water system for your home. From a simple drip leak to a bursting pipe—and everything in between—it will alert you to what’s happened and where the problem is located.

A professional plumber can install it indoors or outdoors, where they cut into the main water line entering the home. With the Phyn Plus app on iOS or Android, you can monitor your water usage, or see daily diagnostic checks and reports telling you when pressure reaches an unsafe level.

Smart home integration means the Phyn Plus is also ready to act on voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Request updates on overall water usage, and turn it on or off on demand. You can also set up Phyn to work with other smart home products using IFTTT.

Plugging the leak the smart way

Once Phyn Plus is connected to the home’s plumbing system, it learns the makeup of your fixtures. This way, it knows the difference between a bathtub filling up and a leaking pipe. The moment Phyn Plus catches a big leak, it will send an alert to your smartphone, and automatically shut off the water to prevent further, costly damage. .

The patented pressure sensing also delivers pre-freeze warnings when it detects ice crystals starting to form in your pipes. This advanced warning buys enough time for you to act before they have a chance to freeze over and burst.

The app can clue you in on monthly, daily and hourly usage to stay on top of your water bill. You will know the difference between the efficiency of your washing machine and showerheads by interpreting the data it shows you. It can truly help you save money and conserve to help the planet.

Knowing the moment something is wrong

Phyn Plus is smart enough to measure and find any changes in water pressure at 240 times a second. That kind of mitigating factor may be enough to save you from a bigger plumbing headache. Automatic shutoff can act quickly to stop water flow, while the app provides some context.

It’s a single device that doesn’t need additional sensors. It sees it all from a single location on the main water line. The device has the been programmed to know countless distinct toilet flushes, laundry loads and pipe leaks. As it learns your home usage, it may ask for verification to improve accuracy even further.

All of this unique information contributes to the Phyn Plus doing its essential job. It is the first line of defence for stopping a plumbing problem getting worse. And it will only get smarter as features evolve.

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