Cooking food is quick and easy in a microwave oven, but when you have the Panasonic Genius® microwave oven you can cook your food to perfection while maintaining taste, colour, and nutrients. Thanks to Inverter technology, anything you place inside the Panasonic Genius microwave will be cooked evenly and without under-cooked areas.

With a 13” turntable you’ll be able to cook both larger meals and quick snacks. While you’ll love this appliance for how well it cooks your food, the Panasonic Genius microwave oven is also easy on the eyes. It has white LED lighting, push button controls, and a new stainless steel design with smoked glass that will make you want to put it front and center on your countertop.

Cook fast, delicious dishes with Inverter technology

If you’ve ever cooked food in your microwave and experienced hot spots in some areas and cold spots in others, you know the frustration of not having your food cook evenly. With Panasonic Inverter technology, every dish you cook will be consistently and perfectly cooked.

With Inverter technology the power to the microwave is regulated to prevent over-cooking. Because the power can be controlled precisely during the cooking process, your food is not over-cooked and nutrients and flavour are not lost. That means you’ll be able to serve your family a meal without burnt edges or cold spots.

Panasonic Genius microwave enhances every countertop

You want your appliances to enhance the look and style of your kitchen, not distract from it. With the Panasonic Genius microwave you’ll be able to make use of an incredibly functional microwave that’s sleek, stylish, and modern.

With a high quality stainless steel finish, the Panasonic Genius microwave stands out on every counter. It has a new slim design that takes up less real estate than other microwaves with the same size turntable. When it’s not in use you’ll want to keep it front and center, not tuck it away.

Interior white LED lighting illuminates your meals

A modern kitchen has stylish appliances featuring stainless steel and glass. The Panasonic Genius microwave will fit right into your modern kitchen esthetic thanks to a stunning smoked glass door, sleek steel design, and white LCD display. With push button controls, it’s simple to choose from presets or cooking times.

The white LED lighting inside the Panasonic Genius microwave illuminates your food while cooking. You’ll easily see how your dish is progressing, and when you’re finished cooking the light makes it simple to see and wipe down any stains or splatters.

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