A baby video monitor is a must-have for any new parent or parent-to-be. Having a video baby monitor reduces a parent’s stress and anxiety because you can just pick up the monitor, or open an app on your smartphone, and peek in on your little one without going into their room and disturbing their sleep.

More than just a video stream, video baby monitors have other smart features you can use to watch over your baby when you are apart. From sleep tracking to night vision and two-way communication, different models have different features to put your mind at ease.

Track your baby’s sleep with Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor

A baby video monitor can do more than just show you a live stream of your baby sleeping. The Miku Pro Smart Video Baby Monitor with Breathing & Sleep Tracking captures HD video that you can view from your smartphone (or even save to share with friends and family), offers night-vision and two-way audio, and it even tracks your baby’s sleep patterns, graphing the patterns into an easy-to-ready chart so you can see progress or changes over time. Pinch-to-zoom to get a closer look at your little one, and enjoy a 140-degree wide field-of-view so you can see the entire crib, great for baby’s who tend to move around while they sleep.

The Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor lets you check your baby’s breathing in real-time as well without putting any type of wearable on them. It uses Miku’s own breathing monitor technology so your baby can wear whatever clothing necessary for sleep, and change positions without impacting its accuracy. Because there’s no actual wearable, it means you can continue to track your child’s breathing well into the toddler years as well.

It can also track the nursery temperature and humidity levels and play lullabies or white noise to help soothe a baby to sleep. Get customizable alerts as well for real-time events relating to motion, temperature, or even sound, like once the baby begins to stir, wakes up, cries, or changes position. A Crypto Chip and 256-bit encryption ensures that the video is secure and will be erased should someone try to tamper with the monitor. And support for both the 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies means you’ll have no problem connecting to your Wi-Fi at home.

Get guidance on baby’s sleep with Nanit Pro Video Baby Monitor

When a baby doesn’t get the proper rest, the baby’s parents are exhausted, too. The Nanit Pro Video Baby Monitor with Sleep Tracking may be able to help. You’ll get a morning sleep report, plus personalized sleep guidance each week to help your whole family get a little more sleep. If you’d also like to get added peace of mind, you can use the included Breathing Band that wraps securely around the baby’s torso to track their breaths per minute. All of this, along with a 1,080p HD video view, constant background audio, and two-way talk, makes Nanit a great choice for new parents that want more out of their baby monitor.

With parenting team access, you can permit access to other caregivers, like grandparents, a nanny, or babysitter. There’s also real-time sound and motion notifications, with sensitivity that is adjustable so you can be alerted any time the baby shifts in their crib, or only when there’s more prominent motion.

The Nanit Pro video baby monitor also comes in two other bundles. One includes a floor stand so you don’t have to mount it directly to the wall, ideal if you live in a rented apartment and can’t drill holes in the wall or want to be able to easily move it around for different angles. The second bundle is a complete monitoring system that includes the camera and wall mount, a Breathing Band, a travel mount to take Nanit on-the-go, and Nanit Smart Sheets which enable you to track your baby’s height right from the Nanit app!

View baby on colour LCD screen with VTech Video Baby Monitor

When you want the option of having a screen or two to watch over your baby, the VTech 5-inch Video Baby Monitor comes on its own with a monitor and pan/tilt camera or in a set with two cameras for multiple kids or so you can set them up in different rooms.

Operating on your home’s Wi-Fi network, you can not only view live footage from the 5-inch monitor itself but also via a compatible iOS or Android device using the MyVTech Baby 1080p app. And you can see the baby in full, high-definition colour, including with 10x remote digital zoom so you can get up close and automatic infrared night vision so you can see the in the dark, too. The camera pans up to 360 degrees side-to-side and tilts up to 182 degrees up and down so if your little one likes to move around in the crib, you can adjust as needed to be able to see their face, eyes, and the comforting sight of their chest moving up and down as they are deep in slumber.

A great feature is local and remote two-way talk so you can always talk to baby, no matter where you are. It also comes with soothing sounds and lullabies, and has an on-board recording feature so you can capture special footage on demand or from motion events. Last but not least, it tracks the temperature in the nursery; and comes with wall anchors and brackets.

Owlet Smart Sock 3 Heart Rate/Oxygen Baby Monitor keeps an eye on other vitals

Owlet’s Smart Sock 3 Heart Rate/Oxygen Baby Monitor adds a unique twist in that it not only tracks baby’s movements, sleep, and breathing but can also check their heart rate and oxygen saturation as well. The sensor comes in the form of a fabric sock that slips securely onto the baby’s foot and communications with a base station that lets you know when the reading changes or the levels go outside of the specified “safe zone.” You can also view the data on the companion app, which keeps a seven-day history of sleep patterns.

Get an all-encompassing package with a bundle that includes both the Smart Sock 3 heart rate/oxygen monitor as well as the video baby monitor. Watch live footage of baby on your smartphone through the companion app. The transmission is secure and video and audio encrypted. The camera captures wide-angle HD video with 4x zoom and night vision, and also tracks room temperature, background audio, and offers two-way talk and sound and motion notifications. If you aren’t interested in the Smart Sock, the Owlet Cam Smart Video Baby Monitor can also be purchased on its own.

If you do decide to get the Smart Sock on its own or as part of the bundle, note that it is available in three colour options, mint, deep sea green, or dusty rose, and can be worn by babies and toddlers aged 0-18 months. The bundle comes with four pairs so you’ll be able to keep one on baby every night, with time to do a load of laundry in between. Recharge the socks daily or every few days to get up to 16 hours of use per 90-minute charge, or up to eight hours after a quick 20-minute pre-nap charge.

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  1. having features from your smart phone is absolutely amazing. especially when i am at work and i need to be isolated from my family i can feel like i will be next to my daughter at all times. just seeing her sleeping is just very calming and takes a lot of my nerves away form me during this time. this will be a for sure purchase in the next 1-2 months for me

  2. I like the motion sensor as well as the two way audio so you can sooth your baby with your voice without going in there

  3. I love the that there is a long range for the video monitoring. This would be so awesome for my grand daughter which is just a few months old!

  4. The technology on baby monitors is amazing. Aside from the obvious ability to view your baby any time anywhere, sleep and breathing reports are a really nice feature.

  5. One of the features that I love about this monitor, is for sure the wireless breathing sensor . That’s the kind of tech that all baby monitors need 🙂

  6. Wow! They have made a baby monitor with all the modern day bells and whistles. Changes and improvements and technology to reassure and make any parents and family’s life easier of observing, checking on and knowing what baby is doing and is safe at all times.

  7. .I would love win this just to know that he was breathing and quality of the video and sound and how close it can be with him.

  8. Favourite part is that I can monitor the babys breathing and movement without having to actually sneak onto the room WHILE seeing them in colour!
    And it will send you an alert if no movement for 20 seconds.

  9. i love the sleep tracking. I think it’s the best feature. Who wouldn’t want to know if their baby is getting enough rest and sleep? right? in that way, parents would be happy and well rested. As a first time Mom, I am always worried and tired because sometimes I tend not to sleep just monitoring my baby’s sleep. But with this new invention, i think first time Moms like me will help us alot. Looking forward to have one.

  10. Definitely Monitoring the baby’s breathing with Angelcare Video & Breathing Baby Monitor. This has always been my running joke with my wife because I spend more time checking on the babies because you can never see or hear them breathing, which defeats the purpose of having our old monitor.

  11. I would love one of these for when I am watching my precious grandbabies. These old ears don’t hear quite as good as they used to.

  12. The long range functionality is a huge factor! I live in a 3 story townhome, and having a baby monitor that lets me see what she’s doing in the nursery while i’m in the kitchen is super helpful.

  13. Monitoring baby’s breathing would be very reassuring that he/she is safe and sound and having a restful sleep.

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