Play like a genius with the OSMO Genius Starter Kit

Do you want your child to be a genius? Well, nobody can promise that, but the OSMO Genius Starter Kit can certainly get kids off to a solid start in the field of fun, hands-on learning!

The OSMO Genius Starter Kit is your child’s perfect introduction to the OSMO universe. Consisting of 5 fun and educational games that are played via your iPad, the OSMO Genius Kit includes everything your kids will need to experience hands-on learning and digital fun. 

Kids learn by doing, and that is why each game in the OSMO Kit uses physical action to challenge and teach kids, including everything from arranging tangrams to zooming number tiles around—and even freehand drawing.

The 5 games included in the kit are Tangram, Words, Numbers, Newton, and Masterpiece. As OSMO sees and reacts to your child’s every real-life move, it is able to transform your tablet into a hands-on learning tool that makes core subjects like math and spelling fun, fresh, and easy for kids to learn.

Discover the award-winning magic of the OSMO Genius Starter Kit

OSMO is an award-winning game bundle that combines tangible, hands-on play with interactive screen time on an iPad. OSMO is not merely fun—it’s pure magic! 

With 5 incredible (and interactive) games that are suitable for kids from beginner to expert levels, the OSMO Genius Starter Kit challenges kids ages 6-10+ to play, explore, learn, and have fun. As kids manipulate the various tiles and puzzle pieces in real life, the tablet brings it all to life on screen (and without any need for Wi-Fi access, meaning that kids can play with their OSMO kits anywhere, including on long car rides).

Included in the box are the OSMO Base for iPad, Tangram pieces, Numbers tiles, Words tiles, stackable storage for each game, and of course the 5 gaming apps themselves. These include Numbers, Tangram, Words, Newton, and Masterpiece, which are all fun, challenging, and educational in their own unique way.

OSMO has 5 fun and educational games for kids to enjoy

Among the fun and educational games your kids will enjoy are Tangram, Newton, and Masterpiece. 

Tangram helps kids to master spatial and visual problem solving. With over 500 different puzzles in a variety of fun shapes (animals, numbers, etc.), kids will begin thinking about shapes, their meanings, and how to put it all together. For instance, a shape appears on your tablet screen that kids then have the chance to replicate in real life using the included puzzle pieces, thereby allowing them to learn concepts like spatial relationships. 

With Newton, kids are challenged through 60 levels of fun as they try to direct the bouncing balls on screen by manipulating real life objects to try and change the direction of the balls. It’s fun, hands-on play that teaches the concept of gravity—Physics 101 for kids.

In Masterpiece, kids develop their artistic talents through creative drawing aided by technology. For example, they can take a photograph of a real-life person or object and use the Masterpiece App to turn that image into basic line art that they can then easily trace to replicate the real image by their own hand.

OSMO teaches many useful skills, like counting, spelling, and problem solving

With the OSMO Genius Starter Kit, kids will learn about everything from letters and numbers to problem solving and scientific principles like early physics.

For instance, in Words kids are asked to spell specific words using the included letter tiles. The words they’ll spell are based on images being shown on the tablet’s screen. Thus, if a picture of a fish appears on screen, kids must fill in the four blank letter spaces using the letters F-I-S-H to both correctly identify the image and successfully spell the word. This game not only teaches spelling and identification of objects, but it also builds confidence.

Similarly, Numbers encourages kids to learn how to count using the included number tiles to solve counting problems, such as matching the number being shown on screen with the same number of actual tiles being placed in front of the tablet. As the numbers on screen change in real time, kids must keep up by either adding to or subtracting from the quantity of tiles they have showing. It’s super fun, and highly educational!

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