Each person on the planet is unique, but have you ever wondered why you excel at certain tasks, why your fitness level is where it is, or why you have a sweet tooth but someone else loves salty food? Your genes are just one of the reasons you are the way you are, and with Orig3n DNA tests, you can access your DNA to discover what genetic traits help you stand out.

Orig3n DNA tests will give you the data to make educated life choices. The Nutrition DNA test, for example, will help you understand how your genes impact weight loss or weight gain. It will also show you how you absorb vitamins in the food you eat and how you process fats in your diet. All you have to do is swab your cheek, send it in, and you’ll receive your results in 4 weeks.

Use your DNA Test to unlock a healthy lifestyle

Have you ever wondered why a keto diet works so well for some people, but it doesn’t work or you? The Hunger and Weight DNA Kit is the perfect choice if you’ve ever struggled with why you have a certain body type. Or, you could choose the Nutrition DNA kit you can’t understand why you can eat healthily and exercise, but you don’t get results.

With an Orig3n DNA testing kit, you can find out exactly what your genes say about your nutrition and fitness. Once you know, you can use your data to tailor your lifestyle to the best one to suit you. Whether that means a different exercise routine entirely, or you want to switch up your skin and hair care plan, a Fitness DNA test or Beauty DNA test will help.

Your DNA can be a roadmap for your life

A DNA test an easy and fast way to get information on your unique genes, and it can uncover things you might have suspected about yourself or discover something entirely new you had no idea about.

With an Orig3n DNA testing kit, you’ll be able to find out about different food sensitivities and why they make you feel a certain way. With a Vitamins DNA test, you’ll also find out why your body can metabolize vitamins in a certain way, or even discover why you’re still hungry after eating certain foods. When you put it all together, your DNA testing kit will give you a better idea of how to make smart choices every day.

Orig3n is committed to your privacy

Knowing as much about your genes as possible can help you unlock a life full of possibilities. Whether you find out you have a gene that means your skin will age faster, or you discover that your metabolism is slowing down your weight loss, Orig3n DNA kits will help you discover what makes you unique and show you what lies ahead.

To use an Orig3n DNA testing kit, you’ll just swab your check, mail it into Orig3n, and you’ll have your data back in 4 weeks. Orig3n is the only DNA testing company fully committed to your privacy and to consumer control of data. That means your genetic information is yours alone, and all tests are completed in-house for complete confidentiality.

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  1. I don’t understand why we have to pay so many times for different tests. Can the same cheek swab or maybe a set of swabs not be used to analyze all this data at once? If one qants to get a complete picture of one’s health it seems that it could get pretty expensive….

  2. This is interesting. I didn’t realize that DNA tests could be used for this specific information. I kind of want to do one of those tests that shows me where my family is from, but some of these sound like interesting ideas too!

    • Hi Ian;

      Thanks for your note! Orig3n has the widest variety of genetic tests on the market. This is their first step into Canada (based in Boston) and are really excited to offer their kits nation-wide. The Nutrition test is a great test to try if you’re taking a DNA test for the first time. You learn so much related to how you should be eating, how well your body metabolizes fats and what vitamins you should be taking. If you have any questions for Orig3n, they are happy to hear from you. Reach out at support@orig3n.com.

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