Meet the Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon Light Panels

The Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagon modular light panels can be combined in various ways and controlled by smart devices and touch. They are ultra-thin and totally customizable in physical design as well as light colours, patterns, and temperature.

Ideal for creating a statement wall, setting the ambiance for a special occasion, building a personal productivity zone, gaming, workouts, home theatre, and more. You can create Scenes and set Schedules in the iOS or Android app. Control lighting using the app, touch, voice assistants, or manual controller. The lights feature more than 16 million colours with 1,200K-6,500K light temperatures, ranging from crisp white for tasks to warm for reading.

The panels mount to the wall using a snap-on system and no-drill double-sided mounting tape. The Shapes feature Nanoleaf’s Connect+ technology that allows them to work with other shapes in the line for infinite decorative possibilities.

Create Your Own Design

Thanks to Nanoleaf’s exclusive Connect+ technology, Shapes Hexagons can be combined with other future shapes in the Shapes line, so you can mount them in a customized design to suit your space and style. Shapes are not compatible with the Rhythm Light Panels or Canvas.

The modular light panels can be moved around as desired to create everything from clean linear layouts that blend in to fun and quirky mosaics of light. Use the Layout Assistant in the app to explore different layout ideas; you can even preview them in your home setting using the augmented reality (AR) feature. LayoutDetect™ ensures that colour animations flow intelligently between panels based on their layout.

Having a party? The built-in Rhythm Module senses music and will display colours and pulsing light panel patterns in sync with it.

A Single Touch, Voice Command

Touch the panels with the palm of your hand to control the lights, including triggering them on or off, changing Scenes, and adjusting brightness. There are many dynamic visuals you can create with a series of panels using Scenes. The Starlight Scene, for example, sends a ripple effect across the layout that mimics the motions of flames. Bored? Play games like Whack A Mole, Pacman, and Simon by touching the panels.

Touch Actions are available for iOS users, transforming each panel into a smart button that can be used to activate Apple HomeKit Scenes. A Good Morning Scene, for example, could lift up the blinds, turn on the smart kettle, and power up a smart essential oils diffuser, all with a single touch, no phone necessary.

Alternatively, control them by voice and/or third-party app using Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and SmartThings.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Using the screen mirror feature, you can reflect colours from your computer screen on the light panels. This can provide a thrilling multi-sensory experience during interactive and action-packed activities like gaming or movie night, presenting real-time reactions and dynamic visuals.

Match Mode will provide an exact reflection of your screen while Melt Mode will create a subtle colour sequence that gradually dissolves between Scenes. All of these features are easily controlled using the Nanoleaf Desktop app in your web browser.

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