Microsoft 365 at Best Buy

Microsoft 365 is a suite of premium apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook email, and Defender security. A single convenient subscription also includes a terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage for all your photos and files. That data is protected by advanced, enterprise-grade security technology.

Your Microsoft 365 subscription is much more than its individual apps and services. It’s the ability to create, work, be productive, stay organized, share, and collaborate, no matter where you are. You’re not tied to a single PC, either. In fact, Microsoft 365 lets you seamlessly work across all your devices, with full remote access to your data and files on OneDrive, regardless of the device you’ve signed onto, or your location.

Your subscription gives you the ability to use Premium Microsoft 365 apps on up to five devices (Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android) at the same time. That makes it ideal for both personal and family use. 

Create and collaborate in real-time

Microsoft 365 was designed to be the ultimate platform for creators and collaboration. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the office, working from home, in class, or at a cafe. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a PC, a laptop, a tablet, or your smartphone. With Microsoft 365 you can bring ideas to life wherever you are, and collaborate with family, friends, classmates, or co-workers in real-time.

Microsoft 365’s premium apps include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You have full access to Outlook email, plus secured OneDrive cloud storage for your files. You can participate in Microsoft Teams meetings.     

With Microsoft 365 you always have the tools you need, and access to your files. Create, share, and collaborate across all your devices at any time, no matter where you are.

Protect what’s important

Your personal and professional files are priceless. Microsoft 365 employs comprehensive, intelligent, enterprise-grade security features to protect your data regardless of which device you use to access it. Whether you choose to sign into Microsoft 365 from a Windows PC or a Mac, you enjoy the same level of protection.

Because Microsoft 365 has Microsoft Defender built-in, it doesn’t matter what device you sign in on. Your personal information, your data, your apps, and your devices are protected by multiple advanced security technologies. This includes protecting your email and files shared as part of collaborative projects against phishing attacks and malware.  

With your Microsoft 365 subscription, you also get peace of mind.

The new Office mobile app combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint 

Your Microsoft 365 subscription includes the new Office mobile app for iOS and Android. This is your go-to productivity app for your iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad, or tablet. It includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in one app, for the ultimate in convenience and ease of use.

Microsoft 365’s Office mobile app gives you the ability to create, edit, share, and collaborate on the go. With the Office mobile app’s built-in Actions, common tasks like creating and signing PDFs or transferring files between devices has never been easier. A full terabyte of OneDrive cloud file storage included with your Microsoft 365 subscription means all of your data is instantly accessible online instead of having to use valuable onboard storage space. No need to carry a laptop or find a shared co-working desk with a PC, you can do it all on your mobile device. 

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