Remove all obstacles and take first faster than ever with PRO X SUPERLIGHT

The Logitech G team is renowned for innovative design and technology that pushes performance boundaries for the best possible gaming experience. One with zero opposition between player and game. Designed in collaboration with leading esports professionals, the new PRO X SUPERLIGHT wireless gaming mouse is the PRO series’s latest release.

As the name implies, the PRO X SUPERLIGHT achieves an astounding 25% weight reduction compared to a standard PRO wireless mouse. It weighs less than 63 grams, and slides effortlessly, thanks to its large PTFE feet. LIGHTSPEED pro-grade wireless connectivity ensures the reliability and responsiveness gamers demand. The integrated HERO sensor delivers incredible precision, with ultra-fast and consistent control.

The PRO X SUPERLIGHT is the new weapon of choice for the world’s top esports pros.

Designed with esports pros. Engineered to win.

PRO X SUPERLIGHT is Logitech G’s lightest, fastest PRO series mouse ever. Logitech engineers collaborated closely with many of the world’s leading esports pros in its design. The goal was to deliver the lightest and fastest possible PRO wireless gaming mouse, one that exceeds Logitech G’s exacting pro-grade standards.

The PRO X SUPERLIGHT is engineered to win. It’s the technological pinnacle of Logitech G’s relentless pursuit for the highest levels of performance. This pro-grade wireless gaming mouse embodies Logitech G’s philosophy of zero opposition. It removes any and all obstacles, creating the purest possible connection between player and game.

Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT is the new weapon of choice for the world’s top esports professional athletes, and soon to be the must-have secret weapon for all PC gamers.

Ultra-light weight with zero compromises

Weight is one of the biggest enemies of gamers. In a gaming mouse, excess weight is an obstacle. Excess weight translates to slower motion and delayed response time that can mean the difference between winning and losing. It can be the difference between being an esports champion, and being eliminated. When Logitech G’s engineers sat down with professional esports athletes to design the PRO X SUPERLIGHT wireless gaming mouse, weight reduction was a key goal. 

In an engineering breakthrough, the PRO X SUPERLIGHT achieves a final weight of under 63 grams. This is nearly a 25% weight reduction compared to the standard PRO wireless mouse.

Just as importantly, this extreme weight reduction was accomplished with zero compromises to performance. It maintains the professional-grade quality, structural integrity, and reliability esports pros expect from Logitech G. The goal was achieved: the PRO X SUPERLIGHT has been meticulously redesigned and engineered to reduce weight while also enhancing performance.  

Powered by LIGHTSPEED 

PRO X SUPERLIGHT is not just Logitech G’s lightest PRO mouse ever, it’s also the fastest. It features LIGHTSPEED, next-gen, pro-grade wireless connectivity. LIGHTSPEED offers the next level of responsive and reliable wireless connectivity that promises and delivers on zero hesitation.

You will also be able to count on zero misses. The PRO X SUPERLIGHT is equipped with the advanced HERO sensor. This 25K sensor is incredibly precise, fast, accurate and consistent. You can count on it to deliver extreme levels of accuracy and control when you need it most.

Rounding out the package, the PRO X SUPERLIGHT ensures there is zero resistance between your mouse and your gaming surface. It’s equipped with large, zero-additive PTFE feet. The mouse glides smoothly, without friction, for a fluid connection between your hand and the game. 

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