Sleep smarter and awaken refreshed with the Lenovo Smart Clock

The Lenovo Smart Clock features a discreet and elegant design that’s sure to suit any modern decor. With its fabric soft-touch cover, this compact clock blends perfectly into any room. 

It’s also feature rich! You can set it to display photos from your Google Photos album on its 4″ touchscreen, allowing you to wake up to and relive your favourite memories. Alternatively, you can awaken to soothing sounds or special media alarms—there are hundreds for you to choose from. 

The clock’s speaker system allows you to enjoy your favourite music, radio, audiobooks, podcasts, and more. 

And you can even use Google to control over 40,000 of your favourite compatible smart devices. Just say “Hey Google” to get started.

Your constant nightstand companion

The Lenovo Smart Clock is compact, attractive, and full of useful features. Its 4″ touchscreen offers customizable clock faces, meaning you can set your favourite photos as your clock face by having the clock access your Google Photos album. During the daytime, when the touchscreen is not in use, the clock will showcase the time with your choice of customizable faces.

To help it blend seamlessly into the decor of any room, the Lenovo Smart Clock has an attractive soft-touch fabric cover that both looks and feels great. For privacy, the clock has a mute button to prevent it from listening to your conversations, and it purposely omits a built-in camera for even greater privacy.

As a truly smart device, the Lenovo Smart Clock can even control your other smart home devices. It can set the temperature, brighten or dim the lights, and manage other smart devices from over 5,000 different smart home brands.

Awakening to soothing sounds is a great way to start your day

The Lenovo Smart Clock has hundreds of soothing sounds and media alarms to help you wake up gently. Additionally, you can always set up the Smart Alarm suggestions feature to remind you to set the alarm based on your own schedule.

The clock’s colourful screen is another great benefit. It dims to as low as 0.3 lux at night, then it gently brightens in the morning to help you wake up gradually with its sunrise alarms. If you have a smart phone that requires charging, a USB port on the back of the clock allows you to charge it over night.

When you’re ready to go to bed, just have Google play you some white noise—or unwind with a guided meditation, to help you get to sleep. In the morning, if you’re not fully rested and require a bit more sleep, simply dismiss the alarm by tapping on the clock and sleep a little longer.

Enjoy your favourite audio all through the house

If awakening to music is your thing, the Lenovo Smart Clock’s excellent speaker system allows you to enjoy your favourite tunes, radio broadcasts, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. In fact, you can listen at any time, whether you’re drifting off to sleep, just waking up in the morning, or going about your daily activities. 

What’s more, voice based control means you can use your voice to ask the Google Assistant to start playing whatever you wish to listen to. You may even choose to cast music from a favourite smart phone app, such as Spotify, if you wish. Simply tap the Cast button from within any of your existing smart phone apps whenever the mood strikes. 

The Lenovo Smart Clock even offers multi-room audio, meaning you can add it to a speaker group within your existing smart home setup and use it to play media across multiple devices and rooms. It’s the best of all worlds!

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