Meet the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is a high-tech alarm clock that displays the time in large, easy-to-read digits so you can see it from across the room, and at any angle.

Ideal for the nightstand, kitchen, or office, or even on a shelf or under the television, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential complements the look of the room while also offering practical and super smart functionality. It’s compact enough so it won’t stand out but sleek in design to complement any décor.

The smart clock comes equipped with a 4″ screen along with built-in Google Assistant, built-in speakers, and dual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, including Bluetooth Low Energy, for connecting with other devices.

Big and bright LED light

While the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential itself is compact in design, the screen displays the time in big, bright digits. This makes it not only easy to see from clear across a room, but also from any angle.

In addition to the big and bright digits displaying the time, the clock also has a built-in night light with three brightness levels. So, you can adjust it to provide low light for sleeping or enough light for nighttime reading.

The night light feature also helps you move around in the dark, ideal if you have it in the kitchen to illuminate a path when you get up in the middle of the night for a glass of water, or on your nightstand so you don’t bump into things when making a midnight run to the bathroom.

Music to your ears

As a smart speaker as well, you can listen to music, audiobooks, the radio, and podcasts from the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential, which has built-in speakers to provide enjoyable sound.

There are multiple ways to listen to tunes: cast music from your smartphone or tablet by tapping the “cast” button in compatible apps, which include many you likely already know and use. You can also use your voice thanks to the built-in Google Assistant to summon Google to play music from a streaming service to which you subscribe.

Additionally, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential supports multiroom audio, so you can add it to a group of speakers and play music across multiple devices throughout the home, all in sync.

Control your smart home

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential can also be used to control compatible smart devices within your home. More than 40,000 products from 5,000 brands are compatible with Google Assistant, allowing you to control them using just your voice.

Start with “Hey Google” then give your command, whether it’s to turn off the lights in the living room, lock your front door, turn on your TV, adjust the thermostat, and more.

You can also do everything else you can with a smart home hub, including asking questions, like how to convert ounces to grams, getting weather and news headline updates, setting alarms, timers, and reminders, running through your daily calendar, getting language translations, as noted, playing music, and much more.

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