The Kano Computer Kit provides everything you need to understand exactly how computers work, then learn how to code your own apps. It’s all in one box, including all the pieces from the motherboard to the keyboard. Learn about the components as you assemble your own Kano computer. It’s perfect for kids, beginners and anyone who has wondered what makes a computer tick.

A series of fun challenges teach you how to take control of your computer and its software, creating instead of consuming. You’ll progress to programming languages like JavaScript and Python. Don’t just play games like Minecraft, you’ll learn how to hack them and change the rules. Of course there are plenty of apps to download and run as well, including a web browser and YouTube.

The Kano Computer Kit also includes access to Kano World, a global community of creators who share their inspiration and coding creations.


For most people, a computer is a mystery. How it works may as well be magic. The Kano Computer Kit includes everything you need to build your own computer with no tech know-how required. Inside the box are all the parts, pieces, boards and components needed to assemble a real, working computer. But you don’t just connect the pieces like a puzzle, you follow along with the included book that walks you through the process step-by-step. You learn about the technology as you complete the project, and soon know exactly how everything works.

Once you’ve built your computer, use it to learn how to code. With Kano’s fun coding challenges, you’ll proceed from beginner to mastering programming languages like Python and JavaScript. With the Kano Computer Kit, you’ll be a maker who builds their own PC and a creator that writes the code for its applications.


As you learn coding with your Kano Computer Kit, you’ll unlock the ability to let your ingenuity and creativity control the bits instead of passively consuming content. You’ll be able to make your own interactive animations and apps. Build your own virtual musical instruments and use them to create musical masterpieces. You won’t just play video games, your understanding of the code behind the software will let you take control of them and change the rules, adding your own touch to classics like Snake, Pong, and even Minecraft.

When you want to take a break from coding, your Kano computer has access to over 100 apps. You can watch YouTube videos, browse the web, get productive with Google apps, chat with your friends on What’sApp, research a project on Wikipedia or take your programming skills to the next level with Scratch and Code Academy.


The Kano Computer Kit encourages creativity and active participation through coding. But it also helps users to safely interact with other people around the globe who belong to the Kano World community. You can show your creations to fellow Kano computer users who share your interest in computer technology and programming. In turn, you can learn from what they’ve created. You can see the code behind the creations they’ve shared, learn from it, remix it, hack it and make it your own.

You don’t need to have a computer science degree or any technical knowledge to enjoy the Kano Computer Kit. In fact, it’s suitable for all ages from six and up, because you’re never too young or too old to benefit from the empowerment and fun of learning about computers (parental help may be needed for kids aged six to eight years). It’s also comes with Lifetime support!

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