Introducing Intel Evo, the new premium laptop platform with next-gen performance

Intel Evo is the second generation of the Project Athena laptop standard. Laptops designed to meet Intel Evo platform standards are thinner, lighter, and faster than ever.

All Intel Evo laptops are equipped with 11th generation Intel Core mobile processors. They feature the power of integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics with 4K HDR support, the wireless speed of Wi-Fi 6, premium visuals and audio quality, plus true all-day (9+ hours) battery life. They offer significant performance gains and unprecedented responsiveness that’s proven in real world applications using the software you use, like Microsoft Office.

Note: For more complete information about performance and benchmark results, visit Intel technologies may require enabled hardware, software or services, some of which may not be available on all systems. Please check with the manufacturer for full system specifications.

Battery life that’s proven to last

Laptops that are certified to meet Intel Evo platform standards deliver next generation battery life. They’re equipped with the most energy-efficient processors, and employ advanced power management technology that intelligently optimizes performance to maximize battery life. The result is real-world long battery life of 9+ hours on laptops with FHD+ displays. 

That is not testing in carefully controlled lab conditions with laptops in specialized configurations. This is the battery life you will actually experience when you use an Intel Evo laptop. Owners can expect at least nine hours of use while running popular applications like Microsoft Office, Zoom, YouTube, and Google Chrome. That’s more than a typical work day—without breaks. 

When you do need to top up the battery, quick charge support means you can plug in for a short time, then get back on your way. Just 30 minutes of charge time delivers four hours of additional battery life.

11th gen processors deliver boundary-breaking performance and responsiveness

At the heart of every Intel Evo laptop is a remarkable, 11th generation Intel Core mobile processor with integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics. In addition, all Intel Evo laptops feature the latest high-speed technology, including Wi-Fi 6, and Thunderbolt 4 for the ultimate in fast connectivity. Each Evo-certified laptop is equipped with at least 8GB of dual-channel RAM, and a minimum of 256GB of ultra-fast NVMe SSD storage.

Intel Evo laptops deliver unparalleled performance. No matter what applications you use, you’ll enjoy a remarkable degree of responsiveness. For the ultimate in high speed, mobile computing, choose Evo laptops equipped with an 11th gen Intel Core i5 or Core i7 mobile processor.

AI-accelerated Intel Iris Xe graphics deliver an incredibly immersive entertainment experience, with support for 4K and HDR content. These new processors are a huge win for content creators as well. Photo and video editing is up to three times faster.

Laptops that wake instantly

No-one likes flipping open their laptop and then waiting, but that is the reality for most laptops. However, that’s not the case with Intel Evo platform laptops. These feature instant wake technology. Open a lid or press a button, and an Intel Evo laptop is fully awake in less than a second. That’s 40% more responsive than a laptop from just two years ago.

Some designs even support instant wake using your voice through Amazon Alexa.

Tired of memorizing a password to unlock your laptop? You’ll appreciate the fact that Intel Evo laptops are equipped with biometric Windows Hello security, such as voice, face, or fingerprint scanning. When you choose an Intel Evo laptop, you can count on enjoying an exceptional laptop experience, anywhere.

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