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Google Wifi Overview

Google Wifi Overview


Google Wifi is an advanced mesh technology system that delivers seamless whole-home Wi-Fi coverage. No dead zones, no interruptions and no buffering, no matter where you are in your house or what connected device you use.

Instead of a single router, Google Wifi uses multiple access points. Each is an attractive, compact device that plugs into an electrical outlet and blends into your home decor. One Wifi point will cover a 1,500 square foot home, while a three-pack will blanket a 4,500 square foot home in a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Wifi points communicate wirelessly to create a mesh network, automatically ensuring every device connected to your network receives the fastest Wi-Fi possible. The system chooses the optimal Wi-Fi band and uses the clearest available channel to avoid interference. With Google Wifi you can move from room to room, streaming as you go, with a seamless transition between Wifi points.


Traditional Wi-Fi routers suffer from technical limitations that lead to Wi-Fi dead zones in many homes. Physical obstacles such as cement walls, pipes and metal appliances can block wireless signals, the strength of the network diminishes with distance from the router, while neighbouring networks and devices like microwave ovens cause interference that degrades performance. Google Wifi is an advanced mesh system that eliminates the problems of a single router to deliver full coverage throughout your home.


Each Google Wifi point acts as a router, and all points connect seamlessly to each other. You can add as many points to your network as you need, positioning them to create a mesh network that blankets your home in fast, reliable Wi-Fi. One will cover 1,500 square feet while a set of three covers a 4,500 square foot home.


Google Wifi ensures the fastest possible Wi-Fi connection in every room and for every connected device.

Google Wifi is automatically working in the background to ensure each device on the network is connected to the Wi-Fi band that will provide the fastest performance. Google Wifi is also using Network Assist to ensure the clearest channels are used to connect points and devices. You can stream, download and game anywhere in your home, because with Google Wifi, every room gets the best Wi-Fi signal in the house.


You can add additional Google Wifi points to any room or area (even the attic or garage) without slowing the network. Google Wifi points are small, attractive devices with just a single power cord and no external antennas, so you can place them anywhere in your home.


Google Wifi uses advanced mesh networking technology. This means that each of the access points is wirelessly connected and communicating to create a single, seamless Wi-Fi network that covers your entire home.

As you move from room to room, your device stays connected. No having to manually switch to a range extender, no interruption and no signal degradation.


If you want to see what’s connected to your network, run a speed test or manage your children’s internet access, the Google Wifi companion mobile app makes it easy. You don’t even have to worry about security. Google Wifi is equipped with industry leading hardware and software-based security, including WPA2 encryption and a firewall, with automatic updates from Google.


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