When you give your child a GJS GEIO Gaming Robot, you’re not just giving them a programmable Battlebot they can program and play games with; you’re giving them a loyal friend. GEIO is a first-person view battle bot with a first-person point of view and an expression system to show whether he’s excited, sad, or happy to see you.

With high-speed omnidirectional wheels, flexible shooting port, Advanced Visual Recognition, and intense AR modes, your child and their fighting robot GEIO will turn your entire home into a virtual battlefield. Whether they’re playing solo as part of a multi-player group, every day will be a fun new adventure with their friend GEIO.

First Person View puts you in battle with GEIO

GJS GEIO is a battlebot built for speed. He has a high-speed omnidirectional chassis and can rotate 360-degrees or accelerate 2 meters in a single second. GEIO’s smart turret gives you complete control, and because he’s built with ‘vision’ or a First Person View (FPV), every adventure GEIO goes on will be your adventure too.

With a simple swipe on a smartphone or tablet, GEIO battle robot invites you to see exactly what he sees. Jump headfirst into the action as you and your GEIO hit the battlefield, precisely target your opponents, and immerse yourself in live-action gameplay.

Facial and object recognition put GJS GEIO at the top of his game

Not every fighting robot is equipped with expressions, vision, and multiple game modes, but when you play with GEIO you realize those skills are just one of the many features that make him unique.

GJS GEIO gaming robot has cameras and sensors to make him equipped for facial and object recognition. His Advanced Visual Recognition and Augmented Reality modes immerse you in every game you play. Whether your virtual battleground is the backyard or your kitchen, you can play along with GEIO as he seeks out his enemies and uses auto-targeting for gameplay that lasts for hours.

Team up for The Royal

When you and your friend GEIO set off on an adventure, there’s no end to the fun you’ll have. He’s a fighting robot with 8 play modes, with 4 modes for solo battles and 4 as multi-player. Each mode stimulates kids to team up with their GEIO battlebot to use logical thinking, coding skills, and creativity to get through battle.

You can face every fight together or invite a group of friends to play too. They can duel together, attack, defend, or set off on a high-tech scavenger hunt. There’s also Treasure Snatch Mode and an electronic scoring system for even more battle fun. With GEIO Battlebot, your child will be having such a great time they won’t even realize they’re learning as they play.

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