Making Sense with Fitbit

Putting on a smartwatch should enable you to obtain valuable information when you need it, and that’s what you get with the Fitbit Sense. It’s an advanced design that can help you tune in to your body and achieve a better level of health. For example, a  compatible electrocardiogram (ECG) app helps measure your heart for atrial fibrillation (Afib) right on your wrist. 1Subject to approval from Heatlh Canada.

Get notifications about heart rate fluctuations so you know when something might not be right. Better sleep quality tracking could provide insight into how well or poorly your sleep is on a nightly basis. Measuring skin temperature can detect early signs of fever or illness, giving you a head start to get tested, and take necessary measures to recover more quickly.

Skin deep with the Fitbit Sense

Your skin can reveal several things about your health and the Fitbit Sense is designed to detect some of those. Sense’s built-in skin temperature sensor automatically detects and logs any changes each night while you sleep. Those variations can help you identify any potential changes to your wellbeing.

Also, the Sense has an onboard EDA (electrodermal activity) sensor to detect subtle electrical changes from sweat on your skin. These changes can help you understand how your body is responding to stress, and how it responds to techniques, like the guided mindfulness session in the Fitbit app, designed to help you manage stress.

Speaking from the heart

The heart matters, and when it puts one’s life at risk, any warning sign could be a difference maker. That is what an ECG can be when you conveniently have it on your wrist. The built-in ECG monitors a heart rate for atrial fibrillation, an irregular or rapid heartbeat, alerting the wearer to any instance of an arrythmia1. When enabled, the Sense is able to read your heart’s electrical activity to identify when the heart isn’t beating quite right.

It’s an advanced, potentially life-saving feature, though it is not a replacement for a doctor. The Sense can only track and point out an irregularity, but not know why it happened. Share the watch’s findings with a physician to help them arrive at a proper diagnosis and treatment.

1Pending approval and clearance from Health Canada. Not intended for use by people under 22 years old.

Getting personal with your fitness

The Sense is every bit a smartwatch for fitness. Use the built-in GPS to track routes and distance for runs, hikes, walks and rides—without having to rely on your phone for that data.

When running low on battery, a fast charge can deliver up to a full day’s charge in just 12 minutes. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (coming late 2020) are also available to check weather, set reminders, or control smart devices while working out or cooling down.

Sense also unlocks a 6-month free trial for newcomers to Fitbit Premium, a subscription-based service serving up a multitude of workouts, guided programs, stretching and meditation routines hosted by experts on video. With Sense, at home or outdoors, getting into better shape starts from your wrist.

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