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New Chromecast with Google TV Showcase


Streaming TV is about to get a whole lot better. The all new Chromecast with Google TV is designed to bring you the entertainment that you love, with super-fast streaming in up to 4K HDR1. The new Chromecast with Google TV can share personal recommendations from all your streaming service subscriptions2 including movies, TV shows, Netflix, Disney + and more—all in one place. No more jumping between apps to surf what to watch. Chromecast can curate your favourite shows, movies and entertainment for you all in one place. Plus, with its compact and handy remote, you can make changes in a snap without needing your smartphone—or just use your voice.

Super fast streaming in glorious 4K

A streaming system is only as good as its speed, so Chromecast with Google TV is made to deliver fast streaming, alongside a crystal-clear picture in up to 4K resolution1. Plus you’ll see brighter colours with HDR.

The compact size of Chromecast with Google TV belies its power; it can hide almost anywhere and stay easily out of sight, but it has all the streaming power you need.

Talk to your TV and let it serve you

Chromecast with Google TV has the power of the Google Assistant built in3. That means you can ask it literally anything from simple commands like turning the TV on or off, or adjusting the volume, to more complex demands you never dreamed were possible. Get Google to control your smart home, start your grocery list, or add Good Girls to your new “must-watch” list.

Sometimes you need the convenience of a remote. The all new Chromecast with Google TV comes with an ultra-compact remote control so you have everything you need at your fingertips. Just press the Google Assistant​​ button on the remote and use voice search to find specific movies and shows. Or search by mood, genre, actress, and more. Plus, you get personal suggestions based on your subscriptions, viewing habits, and content that you already own.

Easy set up; easy to use 

Streaming devices should be easy to use—for everyone in the family, whether that’s the kids or grandparents. Chromecast is compatible with almost any TV that has an HDMI port. Just plug it in, connect to Wi-Fi, and start streaming.

If you’ve ever tried to explain streaming channels to someone who’s not tech-savvy, you know it can be complex for some. With Chromecast with Google TV, your home screen keeps everything simply organized and easy to find at a glance; the home screen displays movies and shows from all your services in one place—including Netflix, Disney+, and more. No more switching between apps to decide what to watch.

1 Chromecast with Google TV requires a TV with an HDMI port, a Wi-Fi network, a Google Account, a nearby electrical socket or USB port, and a compatible mobile device. Minimum OS requirements are available at g.co/cast/req. To view content in 4K, a 4K-capable TV and reliable broadband Internet connection are also required.
2 Subscription services may be required.
3 Google Assistant registration required.

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  1. i love casting the photos from my phone to my big screen tv. We also enjoy the vivid photos when the system is in idle.

  2. I love that the new things are getting easier and easier to use! I find it often too frustrating and time consuming so i end up leaving it. This sounds very user friendly!

  3. I do not have a chomecast – I have heard nothing but good things about it and when our apple TV died at the office, they purchased a chromecast to replace it. They had it setup in no time and it worked perfectly out of the box. Now I want one now for my new RV that we just purchased. it would be perfect for watching movies at night or when it is rainy.

  4. I love it’s easy to connect, install, understand and navigate. I can’t wait to stream all the latest movies for international languages.

  5. I LOVE my Chromecast. I use every day and it was super easy to set up. I even take it with me when I go to my in-laws!

  6. I would love this especially now during covid and for wrapping my xmas gifts, I could watch all my Christmas movies. It appears that it is easy to set up and use another bonus for me.

  7. I love Chromecast’s portability. I can’t wait to stream season 4 of The Crown if I win a Chromecast from this contest.

  8. I have a much older Chromecast model that needs an upgrade on our bedroom to stream our Prime shows like Golden Girls and to try out the Google tv functionality.

  9. Chromecast on my upstairs TV won me the “title of Best MOM ever”, I didn’t even know what it was when I bought it but my kid really enjoys the feature!

  10. I love how you can cast directly without the need to go into an app to start casting. Also, controlling it using your phone or the nest or a remote or just your voice is an added comfort.

  11. The best feature for myself is the easy setup. Just plug in and play. Simple. There are many shows on Netflix that I would watch! Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. Finally Google solved a problem for many folks that do not have a smart tv. You plug this baby in, and just like a baam, your non-smart tv converts into a smart tv, where you literally can voice-dictate your commands (via the remote) and boom — the shows/movies are on your non-smart tv like a miracle. A must recommended product.

  13. This sounds so cool – our TV is a bit on the old side so definitely not a smart TV though we do have a few google mini’s scattered around the house!

  14. I love that I can turn my tv into a ‘Smart tv’ & am able to stream my favourite programs… without having to go buy a new tv or accessories. I’ll definitely use to watch my fav Netflix programs such as Friends as well as all the great movies and documentaries that Netflix has.

  15. Love that it turns my tv into a smart tv and the voice control as well. I’d like to binge watch Breaking bad.

  16. I love that the new version of Chromecast a remote that you can talk to via Google Assistant integration. I would stream all episodes of The Crown on Netflix.

  17. I love that this new version has a remote that you can talk to via Google Assistant integration, time saver. I would stream the Breaking Bad series.

  18. The new remote with Google Assistant built in is a huge convenience! I’d be using the chromecast to stream the new season of The Boys on Prime Video

  19. I would love to cast from my phone to my TV! Sometimes you just happen to stumble upon a great YouTube channel while mindlessly browsing on your phone… and you just wish you could cast it to your TV and watch it on the big screen!

  20. I love that the Google Chromecast has powerful streaming capabilities so I can stream a lot of shows without any connection issues. If I won this I’d love to watch the new Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix.

  21. I love the fact I can turn my tv into a ‘Smart tv’ & am able to stream my favourite programs… without having to go buy a new tv or accessories. I’ll definitely use to watch my fav Netflix programs such as Friends as well as all the great movies and documentaries that Netflix has. Thanks #BestBuy for the chance at a great prize!!!

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