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Meet the Cavalier speakers

The Cavalier Air and portable Cavalier Maverick speakers allow you to wirelessly stream tunes via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Boasting world-class acoustics, they can also be controlled by voice, allowing you to operate them completely hands-free.

Made from luxury materials, including premium woven, finely stitched Japanese fabrics and genuine leather, they provide refined craftsmanship, and a balance of aesthetics, style, and performance. The cylindrical Maverick adds finely carved aluminum edges and comes with a circular leather charging base. The sleek and sexy Air, meanwhile, features fine walnut wood.

Both can provide room- or space-filling sound. The Maverick, perfect for on-the-go listening, recharges on its base while the Air, ideal for use at home, can also charge two devices at once via Qi wireless charging (which works both with and without a case on your phone) and an extra USB port. The Air also has an LED clock display.

World-class audio

Both speakers provide world-class acoustics thanks to stereo drivers and dual passive radiators. This allows for a room-filling experience indoors, and ample tunes to keep you entertained outdoors with a speaker like the travel-friendly Maverick.

The Maverick and Air each has a 20-watt stereo speaker system with two active stereo drivers and the dual passive radiators. The Air provides the added convenience of being able to recharge your devices while you listen to music at home thanks to Qi wireless charging and an additional USB port. Just place your Qi-enabled device (or device in case) atop the surface and your phone will charge up. The design makes it perfect for a desktop or night table, where it can also double as an alarm clock.

Voice control

With both the Maverick and the Air, you can control playback, including skipping tracks, triggering playlists, adjusting volume, and more using your voice through Amazon Alexa voice control capabilities.

Use your voice to ask questions as well, with the response coming through the speakers, such as what the weather is like outside, or what traffic is like on your route to work or school in the morning.

With the Air, which has a smart LED clock display, enjoy custom wake tones that work with Alexa alarm, and set a schedule using the app so you never have to worry about sleeping through the alarm, or forgetting to set it. Using the smart LED display, which offers programmable brightness, you can check the time at a glance, whenever you want. Or, just turn off the clock display if you prefer a cleaner look with no distracting lights while you work or sleep.

Portability and power

With built-in rechargeable batteries, enjoy portability with the Cavalier Maverick, and power to your devices while the Air plays. With both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, listen anywhere, pairing the speakers with your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device, or connecting via your Wi-Fi network at home.

The Maverick offers up to 10 hours of music playback on a charge of its built-in rechargeable battery. And, as noted, it comes with its own matching leather charging base so you can refuel when you get home, or keep it charged up while listening at home.

Because the Air works with Qi wireless charging, you don’t need to worry about visible cables as you recharge your mobile devices while you listen. And they stay powered up when you’re ready to go. The Air also offers a built-in battery backup.

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