Casio’s PRO TREK smartwatches may look stylish, but appearances can be deceptive. They run Wear OS, offering the best of Google’s smartwatch platform, including the ability to download apps that customize your experience. But these are rugged wearables, designed to offer the ultimate smartwatch experience for outdoors enthusiasts.

The PRO TREK WSD-F20A offers a full colour LCD touchscreen display. The WSD-F30 adds an upgrade to OLED, plus a smaller size and longer battery life. Both PRO TREK smartwatches can display full-colour, offline maps so you can track your location even when your smartphone has no signal. They come equipped with a full complement of pre-installed apps for your favourite outdoor activities including fishing, cycling and paddling. And they employ an advanced three-layer sensor for tracking environmental conditions.

PRO TREK smartwatches are water resistant to 50m, withstand low temperatures and meet tough, MIL-STD-810G U.S. military durability standards. 


Casio PRO TREK smartwatches are built rugged for outdoor adventures. Their water resistant design offers protection to depths of 50 metres, so you don’t have to worry about downpours, splashes or getting wet while launching a boat. In addition, PRO TREK smartwatches meet U.S. Department of Defense MIL-STD-810G durability standards, ensuring normal operation despite drops, vibration and other events. Winter sports fans will be happy to know PRO TREK smartwatches are also resistant to low temperatures.

PRO TREK smartwatches are equipped with an energy-efficient GPS. Load a full-colour, offline map and you can determine your location, even when your smartphone can’t get a signal or internet connection. Choose from a wide variety of maps, including topographical, street, and versions aimed at water sports. With the Location Memory function, you can add your own marker to a map so you can always find your favourite views, fishing spots or other locations.


Casio PRO TREK smartwatches run Wear OS, Google’s smartwatch operating system. This means you can download Wear OS apps related to all your favourite activities and customize your PRO TREK experience. There is a growing selection of third party apps available, including ones for weather, running, surfing, horseback riding and golf. These smartwatches also feature integrated microphones for Google Assistant and voice messages, and vibration for notifications. If you own an iPhone, you can still use a PRO TREK smartwatch, but some functionality is limited when connected to an iOS device.

Your PRO TREK smartwatch is ready to roll, right out of the box. It comes with built-in apps for trekking, skiing, fishing and cycling. Strap it on and hit the great outdoors.


The heart of the Casio PRO TREK smartwatch is a three layer sensor that consists of a trio of highly advanced mini sensors. They accurately measure key environmental factors including direction, elevation, temperature and air pressure. 

Your PRO TREK smartwatch measures and displays these changing conditions, so you are always aware of your surrounding environment. Your current position can be updated live on a high resolution, full colour map, with GPS pinpoint accuracy. 

This constant tracking of critical data makes the PRO TREK the ideal companion for your outdoor adventures. You always know where you are, what is nearby and what the weather conditions are.

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