Light the way with the new C by GE Full Colour A19 Smart Bulb

Are you ready for a new kind of smart home experience? Now is the time to replace the traditional lightbulbs in your home with the newly enhanced controls and bright, vibrant colours of the C by GE Full Colour smart LED Lightbulb. With this amazing new smart light, you’ll be able to create the perfect atmosphere in any room of your home through millions of different colour options—including tunable white light that’s specifically synced to your body’s sleep/wake cycle. 

C by GE also allows you to set scenes, schedules, and make changes like dimming the lights from your smart phone. This full colour smart bulb is designed to work with Google, so setup is quick and easy and requires no special hub or bridge to work with your Google devices. Simply twist, pair, and speak your way to intelligent control via any Google Home device. You can even pair the A19 Smart Bulb with other C by GE smart products, like their smart plug, smart switch, and even the C-Reach smart bridge for use with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit for additional voice control options.

The C by GE A19 Smart Bulb enhances any space

The C by GE Full Colour smart LED Lightbulb enhances any space it occupies to create a more enjoyable experience of your home. You can dim your lights when you want to relax, brighten them up for working from home, or choose the appropriate colours for them to glow in when playing a specific video game or watching a movie. You can even choose colours and shades that go with the seasons, holidays, or other events in your life. For instance, pink or blue when someone is announcing the impending arrival of a new baby to the family. There are millions of colours to choose from—along with a tunable white spectrum for just the right shade of white light to suit your needs.

Enjoy hands-free convenience

Nothing beats the hands-free control of smart lights that respond to voice based commands, and that’s just what you’ll enjoy when you pair your C by GE Full Colour Smart Bulb with a smart voice assistant like the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You will need the C by GE Smart Plug to take advantage of this feature, but it’ll be great to have complete voice control over your lights. 

And for Google Home users the news is even better, because voice control of your C by GE Full Colour Smart Bulb works right out of the box with no additional hardware devices needed. Basically all you need to do is screw the lightbulb in, pair it to your smart device, and tell it what you want it to do. You can turn it on and off, dim your light, or have it light up in your favourite colour.

Control your smart bulb from anywhere

One of the best features of the C by GE Full Colour Smart LED Lightbulb is that it gives you the ability to control your lights from virtually anywhere in the world. This means that even when you’re far away from home, such as on a trip to a foreign country, you can still manage your lights as tough you were at home.* 

Among the benefits of this feature is the fact that you’ll never have to come home to a completely dark house. What’s more, you’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the security options this provides, like having your lights come on and go off periodically when you’re out of town so it always appears that someone is at home. There’s no better way to discourage potential trespassers than to make them think that someone might still be home.

*C by GE Smart Plug required

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