Turn every screen session into learning and play time with Botzees. With your Botzees Augmented Reality robotics kit you can build programmable bots that are cute, fun, and smart. With a unique blend of robotics, coding, and construction, Botzees are the perfect toy to kick start your child’s interest in STEM.

You can build and control Botzees, and with 130 uniquely shaped and easy-to-grip pieces, your child’s imagination will be stimulated through tactile, hands-on learning. They’ll play for hours with the 30 interactive app-based Augmented Reality puzzles, letting your child pick up even more coding concepts.

Screen time is learning time with Botzees

Mindless screen time will be a thing of the past when you have Botzees. They’re so fun and engaging, your child will never know they’re learning too. Designed for kid’s ages 4 and up, your child’s imagination and creativity will be engaged as they design, code, and play with their Botzees.

They can build and play with their Botzees using 130 uniquely shaped blocks. The blocks are easy to grip and have rounded edges to inspire creativity and encourage engaging play time.

Augmented Reality puzzles teach coding concepts

With Botzees, your child can develop a passion for learning and exploration. By teaching them coding and programming in a fun, engaging format, your child will learn vital STEM skills and be introduced to the world of coding and robotics through play time.

There are 30 interactive Augmented Reality puzzles in the free Botzees AR app. Early learners will dive right into coding concepts like sequencing, looping, and conditional coding. Using intuitive and visual programming language, they’ll problem solve and use code to play with their Botzee.

Build your Botzees and bring them to life

Kids love to build and design their own unique creations. With Botzees they can build and code their own robots, bringing them to life through the free Botzees app.

Your child will use motors, a sensor, and uniquely shaped blocks to create their own robot. Once their bot is built they’ll use Bluetooth connectivity and the Botzees app to code their robot to move, dance, play drums, light up, and make sounds. Each Botzees kit lets them create 6 pre-designed Botzees, but they can use their own design skills to build their own unique Botzees too.

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  1. These look so cool! I wish I had something like this when I was a kid, it would have been fun to learn how to code.

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