Meet the Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker

The Bose SoundLink Flex is a compact, rugged portable Bluetooth speaker you can take with you anywhere. Enjoy clear, deep sound that’s powerful enough to fill a room, or immerse yourself in a personal listening experience, both inside and while you’re out and about.

Available in three fun colours, the SoundLink Flex employs a unique and ergonomic shape that allows you to place it any which way. Plus, it even comes with a built-in mic for using it as a speakerphone during phone calls, and with voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. With up to 12 hours of battery life per charge, USB-C charging means it can recharge quickly so you can get back to listening in a flash.

Use the Bose Connect app to adjust personal settings and get updates. You can also use the app to simultaneously play from two compatible SoundLink speakers by using either Party mode or Stereo mode. These modes are useful, for example, to cover a larger listening area or to hear greater left and right audio separation.  Easily swap among your devices, and everyone in the family can use the speaker easily since it remembers the eight most recently connected devices.

Clear, booming sound anywhere

Whether you’re listening at home or while out on an adventure, you’ll get clear, booming sound from this compact speaker. Thanks to technologies like DSP and an innovative transducer, it emits lifelike sound without any distortion, no matter how loud you crank the volume.

The more immersive experience will invoke a deeper connection to your music. With balanced treble and bass, you’ll hear every pitch, instrument, and vocal nuance, enjoying your favourite songs and playlists like never before.

The speaker is loud enough to fill an entire room as well as to use for outdoor adventures. With powerful bass, feel free to rock out with friends, or listen on your own as you hear every detail of your music.

Place it anywhere, any how

The Bose SoundLink Flex can be positioned any which way: lie it flat on a table, sit it upright on the kitchen counter or your home office desk, or put it flat on its back at the beach. If you’re on the move, you can even hang it from your backpack or clip it to the side of a beach chair using the included twist-resistant Bose utility strap.

How does the sound remain so clear and balanced? No matter which way you position the SoundLink speaker, PositionIQ technology automatically detects how it’s sitting to ensure lifelike, clear, and optimal sound.

Feel free to tilt, flip, hang, or simply place the speaker down on a flat surface and the audio will adjust to accommodate how you want to use, and position, this little wondrous speaker.

Stands up to the elements

The Bose SoundLink Flex speaker is not just rugged, it’s also waterproof with an IP67 rating that protects it from water, dust, and debris. In fact, if the SoundLink Flex accidentally falls into the water, it floats! This is one tough Bose speaker.

The durable powder-coated steel exterior is built with adventures and potential mishaps in mind, so you can comfortably take it with you on a hike or camping trip. Don’t worry if it accidentally falls or drops. The thick coat of powder means the Bluetooth speaker has a rugged texture that can stand up to plenty of knocks, bumps, and inclement weather.

The powder coating on this Bose Flex speaker also won’t peel or flake. It’s also resistant to corrosion and UV light, so you can be confident that this speaker is built to last and accompany you just about anywhere.

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