The TK800 is a 4K HDR projector with the ability to produce 8.3 million pixels for a true 4K UHD performance. However, the TK800’s powerful brightness at 3000 lumens cuts through your media room’s ambient light to provide immersive 4K content even in bright areas. Further differentiating the TK800 are its custom Football and Sport modes for true 4K HDR live sports!

With 2 HDMI ports, HDCP 2.2 support, and CinemaMaster Video+ and Audio+ 2 technologies, you can connect all your favourite peripherals.


Looking to take your home theatre to the next level? BenQ’s HT2550 4K home theatre projector will wow you with its high colour accuracy and image integrity.

Like the TK800, BenQ’s HT2550 4K HDR projector produces 8.3 million pixels for a true 4K UHD performance also. And thanks to its extraordinary ability to reproduce colours at 96% Rec. 709 colour spectrum, you’ll see stunningly true to life video that matches a movie theatre experience—right in the comfort of your home theatre.

A complaint from projector owners has been washed out colour. But with BenQ 4K HDR projectors, that will never be an issue.

Both of these projectors let you drastically upgrade the way you watch movies and sports without breaking the bank, whether you have a dark room setup in your home theatre with the HT2550 or if you have a light room setup with the TK800.


BenQ 4K HDR projectors optimize HDR via Auto HDR for improved colour and tone. HDR, or High Dynamic Range, has made replicating colours and light more realistic and creates a far more natural viewing experience. HDR technology helps the BenQ projectors produce billions of colours and more accurate light, so what you see on the screen is hyper-realistic, and with more subtle gradation so it looks more like real life.

While older model televisions, for example, gave us basic red-green-blue-yellow colours and their associated blends, now, expect thousands of shades of blue in a sky for gorgeously realistic nature shows, or a hundreds of shades of sand so that Matt Damon’s Martian landscape looks ultra real.


BenQ’s projectors are portable so you can take the 4K experience with you wherever you need or want to go. Hitting the road in the RV and want to project a movie under the stars? No problem. Planning a presentation and need to wow the crowd? With BenQ Portable 4K HDR projectors you’re getting light, sleek, and compact design that allows you to make adjustments for any environment.

With auto vertical Keystone and 1.2x zoom, you can frame up the picture perfectly, whether you’re projecting on the side of a building, a small screen, or a massive canvas. Set up and installation of these BenQ 4K projectors is also very easy.

Long lamp life means you won’t be stuck with a burnt-out bulb at the wrong moment. With up to 10,000 hours in eco mode, you’ll get years of bright video and thousands of hours of enjoyment.

In short, if you’re looking for the best projector for home theater with high color accuracy, or for a 4K projector that can cut through ambient light, look no further than the BenQ’s lineup of 4K video projectors, the HT2550 and TK800.

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