Arcade1Up brings retro gaming home

Are you a video game fanatic? If playing video games is a favourite pastime of yours, now you can take your gaming experience to a whole new level with your very own arcade style gaming cabinet.

From Arcade1Up comes the nostalgic gaming experience of the classic X-Men vs Street Fighter™ Arcade Machine with Riser. This 3/4 scale retro gaming cabinet provides an authentic arcade experience that’s a must-have in any family’s games room—or even at the office. It features four built-in games that revolve around the X-Men theme and are sure to provide hours of action-packed fun.

Featuring a 17″ colour LCD screen and Real-Feel Arcade Controls, this arcade machine has room for two players at once. It also has a Wi-Fi option where you can take on opponents from around the globe via the Internet. This cabinet plays great, looks great, and it makes an amazing conversation piece!

Featuring four built-in, action-packed games

The Arcade1Up X-Men vs Street Fighter Arcade Machine features four action-packed games. These include X-Men: Children of the Atom™, Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes™, X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse™, and the title game: X-Men Vs. Street Fighter. Each of these games features cool graphics and serious, non-stop action. Together they will provide limitless hours of hard-hitting combat and retro gaming fun!

The exterior of the Arcade1Up retro gaming cabinet features a deco of original X-Men vs Street Fighter artwork that greatly enhances the experience of owning this beautiful machine. The artwork is amazing, and the entire cabinet is a real eye-catcher. It’s sure to get your friends and visitors talking. In fact, they’ll be asking you to play!

Challenge your friends at home or online!

One of the coolest features of the Arcade1Up X-Men Vs. Street Fighter Arcade Machine is the fact that you can play against your friends—both at home and online.

With 2-player functionality at the console itself, you can go one-on-one with a frenemy or take to the Internet via Wi-Fi and enjoy multiplayer gaming as you compete remotely against opponents from virtually anywhere in the world—and all without the need of a paid monthly subscription! Arcade1Up has so many great ways to engage and have fun that you’ll never want to stop playing.

A full-featured arcade machine

The Arcade1Up X-Men Vs. Street Fighter Arcade Machine is a classic upright gaming cabinet much like you’d find in an authentic arcade. At 3/4 scale, it features a 17″ colour LCD display that delivers consistently sharp graphics across all four games. It also features a beautiful light-up marquee, adjustable volume control, a custom riser that’s adorned with classic X-Men Vs. Street Fighter artwork, Real-Feel Arcade Controls for up to 2 players at a time, and Wi-Fi Internet access for anytime online gaming. 

What all of this adds up to is untold hours of high-octane fun playing action-packed games that will put your skills to the test. Essentially this cabinet offers everything you need to tag team to your heart’s content with friends and enemies alike—and it doesn’t even require coins! With Aracde1Up, the action is wild and the adventures are legendary. Get your very own arcade gaming cabinet today!

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  1. There are so many 1Up cabinets I would love to get, this one included, love X-men! The upcoming pinball cabs look fantastic too!

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