Meet the Anker Soundcore Libery Air 2 Pro noise cancelling true wireless earbuds

Whether you’re listening to music while you exercise, immersing yourself in a podcast while commuting to the office or school, or talking to someone on the phone, the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro noise cancelling true wireless earbuds offer amazing sound.

Nine pairs of super-soft silicone eartips and silica gel ear cushions ensure a snug fit, no matter what you’re doing. Working out? They are IPX certified for water- and sweat-resistance. For those on the go, enjoy Siri voice assistance built-in along with clear sound via the PureNote Driver technology and 11mm drivers.

With active noise cancellation (ANC) and Bluetooth 5.0 connection to your phone that ensures an up to 10-metre range, you can be sure that what you’re listening to will come through loud and clear, and callers on the other end will hear you. Available in stylish blue or the Best Buy exclusive black with copper details; choose a style that fits your personality.

Noise cancelling targeted to your activity

Rather than include basic ANC technology to cancel out distracting ambient noise in these Bluetooth earbuds, the Liberty Air 2 Pro offers targeted ANC with three specific scenarios.

Visit the Soundcore app to activate your preferred mode, choosing from Transport Mode (if you’re on a train or in a plane, for example), Indoor Mode (if you’re listening at home or the office and want to reduce the sound of the cars going by or the neighbour mowing the lawn), or Outdoor Mode, for when you’re going for a walk or run.

When you’re on a phone call with a connected smartphone, targeted ANC is enabled on these premium earbuds through the inclusion of six noise cancelling mics with noise reduction. These work to isolate your voice and transmit sound in high clarity so the person on the other end can hear you clearly.

Crystal clear audio thanks to PureNote

The PureNote Driver technology found in the Liberty Air 2 Pro true wireless earbuds includes drivers that are coated with 10 hardened nano layers, creating a level of stiffness that affords accuracy and clarity. The result? A 45% bass boost and frequency bandwidth that’s 30% wider than standard drivers.

Further personalize the sound of these wireless headphones with HearID, which analyzes your typical hearing profile to create a sound that’s tailored specifically to your ears. Every wearer’s experience will be different; you can tweak the EQ manually to your liking using the Soundcore App, or simply select from one of 22 preset sound profiles.

All-day listening, and more

With the included charging case, you can get up to 26 hours of listening time with the Liberty Air 2 Pro true wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Get up to seven hours of playback per charge plus up to an extra three charges via the case.

Plug them in via USB-C for fast recharging as needed. If you’re in a rush and need to head out quickly with them, a quick 15-minute charge will provide up to three more hours of listening time when you’re in a pinch.

In addition to USB-C, these true wireless earbuds can also charge via any compatible Qi-enabled wireless charger, so you have plenty of options to keep them going all day.

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