Everyone knows that purse strings will relax at this time of year. Holiday shopping will happen, gifts will be purchased and the season will be merry and fun! Fortunately, you have the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to keep expenses as low as possible, and still get that 4K TV your mom is craving, or that new fashionable fitness tracker for your little sister.

What is a purse string? At some point in history the expression “to tighten or to relax those purse strings” probably had a literal meaning. You can imagine someone pulling strings to close a cloth purse, or perhaps at this time of year, loosening the strings to purchase a gift for a loved one. You may have used this idiom without really thinking about the derivation. However, we are all keenly aware of the implications. Relax the purse strings and money falls out, or at the very least, the bank balance decreases.

So sales like this year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday event at Best Buy are great for helping you to complete your holiday shopping, get amazing gifts for everyone on your list, AND remain fiscally responsible.

When will the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales begin?

Black Friday is November 24:  The sale starts online at 9:00 pm Pacific on Thursday November 23rd, 2017 and in the stores when they open on November 24th.  The sale continues until stores close on Sunday November 26th.

Cyber Monday is November 27:  On Sunday night the sale won’t start until 9 pm (12 am November 27 Eastern). It will continue through the week until midnight Dec 1 (3 am Eastern). This will be an extended sale; hence that week is often referred to as Cyber Week.

Learn more about Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Best Buy by clicking here.



Here are some suggestions for how to be prepared for amazing deals

    1. Visit the Best Buy website: If you have not visited the Best Buy website recently then spend some time getting familiar with how to navigate the site to find things you like. Search for a few items that you are interested in buying during the sale so you can quickly find them later. You could even bookmark the links to make finding things faster. There will be thousands of people on the site at the same time speed will be very important to ensure the items you want aren’t sold out.
    2. Create an account on our website. You don’t want to waste precious shopping time registering for an account when you can do that now.
    3. Sign up now for the Best Buy e-newsletter to receive the latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday news right in your inbox. This is the easiest way to stay on top of the latest and greatest sales.
    4. Check facebook and twitter often: during these sales events social media will be one of the first places where many deals will appear. Keep watching the Best Buy twitter feed and Facebook page for reports of offers. Also tell your friends ahead of time that you will be sharing the great deals you find on social media and that they should share too.
    5. Decide how you will pay: You can use a credit card, of course. You can also consider signing onto PayPal prior to the sales event for simple, secure and fast online transactions. With PayPal, you can pay for your purchases directly from your bank account, or from a credit card account, without having to enter your credit card details at Best Buy—you’ll be so shocked at how easy the transaction is you may never go back to paying by credit card online.
    6. Get your questions answered before you begin:


Purse strings loosened a little perhaps, but you know you did well because of the great choices you made and the great sales at this time of year.

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  1. I have really bad anxiety in crowded places, especially this time of year when sometimes people are more concerned about grabbing a great deal than about other people’s well being. I love, love, love that you guys offer online deals for black Friday like so many other stores. However Best Buy is one of the few that offers for customers to pay with PayPal and as someone who doesn’t have a credit card it makes my life so much easier! Will be looking to Best Buy for some online holiday shopping!


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