Best Buy Happy Hour

Best Buy brings you the best products at great prices that you can easily order online and have quickly delivered to your door. We also regularly put the products you love on sale so you can enjoy extra savings throughout the year. However, do you ever wish that you could choose which products go on sale? For example, that pair of headphones you’ve been eyeing for the past two weeks or that cool new smart display? We hear you, which is why we’re introducing Best Buy Happy Hour Deals—where you help decide what the next big deal is. Learn how Happy Hour works and how to find out when it takes place.

What are Best Buy Happy Hour Deals?

Best Buy Happy Hour is a new way to score a deal—where you get a say in which products go on sale. We’ll present a selection of potential products that can go on sale. You can then vote for your favourite products in the stories of Best Buy’s Instagram. When voting is complete, watch for the results to be announced then save on the products that received the most votes when the sale goes live!

How it works

Our Happy Hour sale runs over two days. Vote for your favourite products and shop the winning items during the sale. Your top-voted choices will go on sale for a limited time during our Happy Hour Sale.

  1. Best Buy Happy Hour InstagramView all of the potential sale items on Best Buy’s Instagram story. Each polling slide in the Instagram story will feature two products and, of the two, you’ll be able to vote for the one you would prefer to see on sale.
  2. Follow the page during voting and tell your friends to participate and vote for your favourite products.
  3. After voting, visit the Best Buy Happy Hour page to save on the winning items that will be shown with their new sale price.

When will Happy Hour be? 

The best way to learn about upcoming Happy Hours is to sign up for the newsletter. That way you will receive an alert for the next Happy Hour. You can also follow Best Buy Canada on Instagram and turn on the notifications for new stories from Best Buy not to miss the next event!

Happy Hour tips

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