Find refurbished products at Best BuyBest Buy Canada is creating a better shopping experience and a better world by expanding its online selection of refurbished products. This provides more purchasing options for  Canadians looking for the best deals on technology and other products. It also builds on Best Buy’s many initiatives toward sustainability by developing greener, more eco-friendly ways to conduct business.

What is a refurbished product

Best Buy is well known for having the largest selection in Canada of factory fresh, new technology and other products in stores and online. Best Buy is also becoming your destination for refurbished products. These are products that are not brand new, but are otherwise in 100% working order and all come with a minimum 90-day warranty. All refurbished products have been fully repaired, thoroughly cleaned, and include required accessories. The refurbished products carried by Best Buy are available in three conditions as follows:

  • Refurbished – Excellent: Product has been tested for 100% functionality and has a few to no visible signs of wear.
  • Refurbished – Good: Product has been tested for 100% functionality and has light signs of wear or micro-scratches.
  • Refurbished – Fair: Product has been tested for 100% functionality and has visible signs of wear or scratches

Refurbished products offer great savings. When purchasing a product from Best Buy consider the advantages of ordering a refurbished version of a product. You get a fully functioning device, inspected by a qualified 3rd party refurbisher, and save money compared to buying a factor fresh version of the same device.

How will I know if the product is new or refurbished

Best Buy online product pages will clearly identify the condition of the product. The product name at the top of the page will state if the product is refurbished. Additionally, if it is a refurbished product, a banner similar to that shown here on the right will state the condition of the refurbished product as either Excellent, Good, or Fair.

Many of the refurbished products that you find online at Best Buy will be available from trusted vendor-partners on the Best Buy Marketplace. These refurbished items are held to the same high standards as items identified as “Sold by Best Buy” on the product pages.

What if I am unhappy with the product I purchased

As with any product purchased from Best Buy, you can return or exchange the product within the applicable return and exchange policy for that specific item. Additionally, as stated above, all refurbished items include a minimum 90-day warranty. Visit the Returns and Exchanges page to learn more about returning products purchased from Best Buy. Best Buy makes the process easy to follow and worry-free. On that page you’ll also see specific details about returning purchases made from a Marketplace seller.

What are some other Best Buy sustainability initiatives

Best Buy has several programs to help customers find technology that suit their needs and also reduce the amount of electronics that end up in landfills. For example, many types of batteries and home electronics can be dropped off at your local Best Buy store. So when your old toaster stops working, you can drop it off at Best Buy to be recycled and at the same time purchase a new, energy efficient replacement (look for the Energy Star certification found on the most energy efficient appliances). Similarly, many electronics qualify for Best Buy’s trade in program, allowing you to get money back as you upgrade your tech with the latest and greatest new technology.

Best Buy is working with many partners, including our customers, to create a better, more sustainable world for us all. Ensuring that we get the most value from the technology that enters the market is part of that vision. It’s a vision that includes many other initiatives like recycling programs. This vision also involves making available energy efficient technologies, like Energy Star certified appliances, and new products designed to have a positive impact on our lives and the environment, like the growing selection of electric transportation vehicles that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

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