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4K TV: Seeing is Believing

    • 4K TVs offer the clearest picture available.
    • Curved or Flat screened TVs that come in an array of sizes: we have a TV to suit every room in your house.
    • Check out the variety of built-in Smart and Android platforms available.
    • Many include HDR: High Dynamic Range enables a television to express better colour volume and brightness.
    • Look for TVs with 120Hz refresh rate, allowing the TV to change images quicker for crisp high speed car chases and intense and faster gaming response.
    • 4K TVs are thin and light and easy to mount on a wall.

What content can 4K TVs show

  • Many TVs include 4K upscaling technology! Even if the content isn’t broadcasted in 4K, your TV will upgrade your picture for a better viewing experience.
  • Add a 4K movie player for explosive picture quality and life-like realism.
  • Stream a growing library of 4K shows on Netflix and other streaming services.
  • Enjoy live 4K broadcast television shows as they become available in your area.
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