Dorm TVsJust because you live in a smaller space and are constrained by a bit of a tight budget, doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t go big on your television entertainment experience. No matter where you live these days, space is becoming a premium, so you need to maximize what little square footage you have (and the cash you have), especially when it comes to your TV. Luckily, I am here to save you some time with my choices for TVs under $250 for your dorm room or apartment.

Is a computer monitor better than a TV?

Computer monitors today are pretty versatile. So, many of you may be thinking, “Why can’t I just use my desktop monitor, or even my laptop screen, to stream movies and shows to get my entertainment fix?”. I know, it’s uncanny how I can read your thoughts, right? But, it would take a whole other blog to give you all the ins, outs and what-have-yous about making that choice… and fortunately my fellow Best Buy blogger Justin Morrison already covered that topic recently. Make sure to check out his ”Should I get a TV, or computer monitor for back to school?“ blog…after you finish reading this one, of course.

Okay, without further ado, here are my picks for TVs under $250 for your dorm room or apartment.

LG 32″ 720p HD HDR LED webOS 4.0 Smart TV

LG TVI know a 32-inch television seems maybe a little big for a smaller space like a dorm room, however if you do have a wall to mount this upon then you are going to make a lot of new friends, especially around Playoff season. In fact, many of the TVs I chose for this blog come in at 32 inches, so pull out your tape measure and start looking for the right spot for your new television. The LG 32″ 720p HD HDR LED webOS 4.0 Smart TV has a 60hz refresh rate, and its Colour Master Engine produces deep, rich dynamic colours. It has built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, so you can stream and binge all the content you want from Netflix or Crave. In the sound department, the TV features virtual surround sound with speakers that produce 10 watts of rich audio quality enhanced with Clear Voice III for life-like sound quality, plus a noise reduction feature.

Toshiba 32″ 720p LED TV

Toshiba TVHere’s another 32-inch television that seems like it would be great for your dorm room. The Toshiba 32″ 720p LED TV offers 720p resolution for HD viewing, plus a 60hz refresh rate reduces blur so you can catch all the action during the playoffs this year. This TV offers 1366 x 768 native resolution, and 176-degree viewing angle, so you can watch from almost anywhere in a room and still see everything great. The Toshiba 32″ 720p LED TV also offers DTS TruSurround speakers for clear audio when you aren’t using the built-in headphone jack.

Insignia 32″ 720p LED Smart TV

Insignia TVOne of three Insignia televisions on this list, the Insignia 32″ 720p LED Smart TV has built-in FIRE TV, so you can enjoy HD access to your favourite streaming services, premium channels, Alexa, and more directly from your TV. It runs at 720p with a 1366 x 768 native resolution for great HD content viewing, and with 60hz refresh this TV lets you watch all the action movies you want without any blurring. The TV also has DTS TruSurround and two speakers for a virtual surround sound experience, and the three HDMI ports let you connect external devices like gaming consoles, a PC or BluRay player.

Sharp 32″ 720p HD LED Roku OS Smart TV

sharp TVYou’ve got to love a Smart TV that is the perfect size for an apartment, and that won’t break your budget right after you’ve shelled out a ton of cash already for books and whatnot for back-to-school. The Sharp 32″ 720p HD LED Roku OS Smart TV offers HD viewing pleasure with 720p resolution and a 60hz refresh rate for smooth and blur-free on-screen action. The built-in Roku platform allows you to stream a dizzying array of content, and theTV’s DTS TruSurround delivers an incredibly immersive audio experience. For ports, the Sharp 32″ 720p HD LED Roku OS Smart TV  offers three HDMI 2.0 ports for connecting a gaming console, your laptop, or any other compatible device.

Insignia 24″ 720p LED Smart TV

Insignia TVThis one is only available at best Buy, but it is very highly rated. If the Insignia 24″ 720p LED Smart TV were one of the three bears, it would be juuuuust right. At 24 inches it is the ideal size for a smaller room, or anywhere you may have limited space. It features a 60hz refresh rate and gives you 720p with a 1366 x 768 native resolution for HD viewing pleasure. The built-in Fire TV gives you access to tons of subscription streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, and more, plus broadcast TV, your favourite premium channels, apps, and Amazon’s Alexa assistant. For sound, the Insignia 24″ 720p LED Smart TV has DTS TruSurround, which gives you a nice virtual surround sound experience.

Insignia 19″ 720p HD LED TV

Insignia TVThe Insignia 19″ 720p HD LED TV is absolutely ideal for compact spaces, such as dorm rooms, small apartments or bedrooms. Its 18.5 inch LED display delivers deep blacks and vibrant colours for an amazing viewing experience. It also offers a 1366 x 768 native resolution for crisp and clear visuals. The TV also features a 60hz refresh rate and 14ms response time, so blurring is reduced in those chaotic action scenes from your favourite movies. The television also has a dedicated headphone jack so you can watch whatever content you want without disturbing anyone else. It also features a USB media port, and two HDMI inputs so you can connect to your PC of gaming console to frag in your favourite video games, as well.

So, do you think you would like any of these televisions in your own dorm room or apartment when you go back to school? Is there another television you found online at Best Buy that works better for your needs? Let me know about it in the comment section below.

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