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A firm believer in "you have to get old, but you don't have to grow up," I've been an unabashed lover of nerdy things for a good long while and don't plan to stop anytime soon. With experience on both sides of the video game, both as a consumer and a producer, and a love of the written word, I've managed to combine all three right here with the Plug-in blog

E3: 2014 – Sony Press Conference Highlights

  The two big consoles have been circling each other since last year, a year that found PS4 as the clear victor in the fight. This year, and at opposite ends of a very long day of a whole lot of great gaming news, Sony and Microsoft once again made their cases and drew their swords, but what was the result?  We’ll start at the end. Presenting last, the Sony Presser capped of what might have been one of the most interesting days of gaming information I’ve been a part of. How’d they do? Read on friend!  Read on.

E3 2014 – This Years Big Players

You ready? I certainly am. E3 time is fast approaching and its shaping up to be a good year. Fresh on the heels of the latest hardware generation there are a lot of folks clambering to make their case this year. Sony seems to have pulled ahead of Microsoft who have to make a big splash if they hope to make up the ground, and let’s not forget about Nintendo. While these two ‘Titans’ have clashed in the past, Nintendo have quietly switched things up before and changed gaming as they did. Regardless, there’s a lot of reasons to expect interesting things. Without further adieu, here is a list of some of the big players this year, and some of the cool stuff on display.

Best in Show – An E3 Commemorative.

A year off the 20th celebration of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, and it is truly staggering the amount of media that we have collectively consumed, first mentioned, and then showcased at this once humble event.  Now a premier place for gaming goings on, it’s had quite a life (including a near death!) so far.  So, with this years extravaganza on the near horizon, let’s have a peak at some of the incredible things we first heard of at E3.

What were the highlights of last year’s best gaming event E3 2013?

  With a fresh E3 experience on the horizon and all the new goodness the technology explosion brings us, its probably an ideal time to look back.  E3 has been a longstanding platform for the gaming faithful, it’s also where folks who have had a taste for nerdy and awesome things find out about the interesting media coming down the pipe.  A wonderful hub where the wide eyed hordes whet their appetite for what’s next, and lets just have a look at the sorts of things E3 has already brought us.

Review – Mario Golf: World Tour

Hit the links with this all new addition to the Mario Golf series! A staple of the Mushroom Kingdom brand of gaming, Mario Golf has been crushing balls for a long time. Now on the 3DS, Mario Golf: World Tour branches into the realm of the third dimension, and with online and local multiplayer, this is one little golf game that isn’t so little.

Child of Light – Review

Known for many things, but few of them painterly fairytales about lost princesses, Ubisoft is known for quality games and talented people. These last two have combined to bring something new and striking, though perhaps easily judged or dismissed upon first glance. A powerful experience packaged in something beautiful and unassuming, Child of Light surprised me, and I think it might surprise you too.

Enemy Front – Bonus Pre-Order Exclusive DLC

Warsaw, Poland, 1944… not the finest moment in human history but it certainly brought out the best in some, trying to put down the worst in others. So powerful in fact that it lingers today, the subject of countless films, books, and video games. Enemy Front puts the player on the ground across enemy lines in an open world resistance campaign against the Fuhrer’s goosestepping legions. Now with a Bestbuy exclusive DLC pre-order bonus, its time to grab a rifle and take the fight to the Enemy Front.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor – Pre-Order Bonus Announcement

Between the adventures of a Hobbit hired as a burglar, and  his nephew’s tale many years later is a story.  What happens to the people standing in the way when the ancient evil, banished so long ago, announces his return and takes back his dark throne? Nothing pretty, I’ll tell you that much.  In Shadow of Mordor, play as a Ranger set on nothing less than revenge against the Dark for the loss of his family, friends, and home. Take up your sword and head into the midst of the enemies territory, take the fight into the Shadow of Mordor!

FIFA World Cup 2014

Is the FIFA World Cup the biggest sporting even in existence?  Probably right? If you’re exited and downright worked up to a fevered pitch, who can blame you, it comes but once every 4 years.  If you’re flipping cars and setting fire to things?  Well, maybe calm it down a little, it is still a sport, even if it is your Nation’s team.  All jokes aside, Footy can call most of us fans, a global sport that has the worlds eyes on Brazil, get even more into it (if that’s at all possible, you hooligans) with EA and FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014!

The Amazing Spider-man 2: The Game

A wall crawling webshooting favorite of all the true believers, Spider-man is back on the big screen and back in your game consoles!  Benefiting from the videogame success of one of his non-Marvel superhero contemporaries recent (hint: its Batman) The Amazing Spider-man 2 might be a movie tie in, but it looks like its packing some punch (and kicks, and webs).  ‘Swinging’ to dispel the stereotype about movie tie-in games Spidey is back folks, and doing whatever a spider can!

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