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Erin is a journalist, writer, and TV producer with a fascination for technology and a love of gadgets. Watch her on Tech Talk, monthly on CTV Morning Live Calgary.

Top 10 things I saw at CES 2016 I can’t forget!

There are quite literally tens of thousands of things to see at the anual Consumer Electronics show, the trade show that previews all the coming technology to retail and tech professionals. This year, I whittled down what I saw to 10 really cool things; from a levitating speaker to award-winning battery cases for smartphones, there’s a lot of new tech I’m coveting.

Learning New TV Tech: Home Theatre & Audio Advances

From a whole new level of surround sound (using ceiling speakers!) to ever smaller speakers and wireless and smart audio, there are some amazing new advances in home theatre audio. Check out some of the new technology and learn what it can do for your media room, listening lounge or home theatre.

CES 2016: The Best in Show: Innovation Awards

Every year the Consumer Electronics Show picks a handful of innovators and crowns them with a “Best Of” award. This year’s winners include a robot bartender, a light bulb that’s also a security system and speaker, plus a tablet that’s also a projector!  See the full list.

Keep your New Years Resolution to clean up media room clutter

There are all kinds of projects around the house on your to-do list, but tackling clutter in the media room should be at the top. Why? Because the media room should be a place to kick back, and having a decluttered space will help you relax.  We’ve made this resolution easy by breaking it into easily do-able pieces that you can tackle one by one, so you’ll actually keep it!

Learning New TV Tech: All about Smart TVs & Streaming

Whether you’re investing in a new TV, or looking to upgrade the one you have, smart TV interfaces are becoming both more available and more popular. Smart TVs and Streaming Devices allow you to do many things that previously were only available on a computer or a special external device. Which one will be right for you? Read on to learn more.

CES 2016: What’s new with GoPro?

 GoPro’s been tantalizing customers and video buffs alike with hints about new cameras, and a drone.  What was revealed at CES 2016? We were at their booth, and listening to their CEO to find out.

Learning New TV Tech: All about Curved Screens

Curved screens are increasingly becoming an option for people in the market for a new TV.  But what’s the idea behind a curved screen, and what are the benefits? Are there any down sides? Find out why these new TVs are gaining in popularity.

CES 2016: Panasonic shows off ‘invisible’ TV, smart home gadgets, and pots that stir for you

While flying cars have yet to materialize and time travel is still a ways off, I’ve been finding comfort in the fact that smart kitchens are starting to become a reality. Panasonic showed off a whole bunch of connected kitchen appliances at CES 2016, plus it has what might be the coolest and most versatile TV I’ve ever seen. It’s invisible! Wait till you see how it works.

CES 2016: Whirlpool’s Kitchen of the Future and cool new appliances

Seeing future trends before they become reality is fun, but in our instant-gratification society, we also want innovation and we want it now. Whirlpool gives you the best of both at its booth at CES; from the “Kitchen of the Future” to laundry pairs you can get today hold a month’s worth of soap and then tell you when you’re out.

CES 2016: Seeing the present and the future at Sony

Walking into the Sony booth I was looking around for their new TVs to check out at CES. I was wondering why they weren’t more prominently displayed when I realized they were actually not that far in front of me. I couldn’t see them initially because I was viewing them from the side, and they’re so thin they practically disappear.

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