Do you use your dishwasher just for washing dishes? Until recently, I can’t say I’ve ever thought beyond using it just for cleaning my plates, forks, and spoons.

But surfing online one day, I stumbled across a site that suggested a ton of new ways to use appliances, and I was blown away by the different, fun ways to use both big and small appliances. Try a few of these just for fun – some of them are so amazing you’ll probably make them part of your weekly routine.


Use your waffle iron to make hash browns

I don’t know about you, but I love hash browns. On lazy Sunday mornings, I love to make shredded hash browns using my food processor, but if I’m in a hurry, I’ll throw some store bought hash browns into the oven and serve them with Eggs Bennie and a side of sourdough toast. What I didn’t realize was you could use your waffle iron to cook your hash browns, and not only do they cook quickly, they divide up perfectly or are great as a base for your Bennie.

Your waffle iron can also make dessert

Cinnamon buns and brownies in your waffle iron? You bet. You can take store bought cinnamon rolls and press them in your waffle iron to create a sort of ‘monkey bread’ or use your own brownie mix and make waffle shaped brownies.

Shred meat in your stand mixer

Using your paddle attachment, throw chunks of cooked chicken in your stand mixer and mix. The paddle will pull apart the chicken into shreds that are perfect for chicken salad sandwiches.

Grind up some potpourri in your coffee grinder

I’ve used my coffee grinder to grind cinnamon sticks before, but I never thought of using it to grind potpourri. Dry some lemon and orange peels, flower petals, and anything else you’d like to create your own potpourri.

Don’t throw away sponges – disinfect them in your microwave

I don’t know how many times I’ve used a sponge then tossed it. You can wash them in the washing machine but they don’t always come out intact, so why not put them in the microwave oven? Just wet your sponge thoroughly and put it in microwave for 2 minutes. Wait for it to cool, then remove and use.

Make jumbo-sized ice cubes

If you use a big pitcher to serve ice beverages in the summer, you know how many refills of ice cubes it takes to keep your pitcher of drinks cool. Instead of constantly putting in more, just make your ice cubes bigger by adding water to a jumbo-sized muffin tin and freezing. These super sized ice cubes will keep your pitcher cold for hours.

Use your dishwasher to make dinner

Yes, you heard that right. You can use your dishwasher to actually make dinner instead of just clean dishes. It might sound a bit odd, but you can create a salmon dinner by wrapping the fillet tightly in foil and running it through the normal cycle in an otherwise empty dishwasher. The hot water will poach the fish, and you’ll have dinner on the table in a jiffy. Just make sure you skip the Cascade.


Your single use coffee maker is great for making a quick snack

Ramen noodles, cup of soup, and instant oatmeal – just put a mug full of whatever you like under your Keurig or single serve brewer and your snack is served.

Microwave lemons to maximize their output

I’d never heard of this one before, but it works so well I’ll never juice lemons or limes without microwaving them first. Put them in your microwave for 20 seconds, remove, and use your hand juicer. The lemon juice that comes from one lemon will blow your mind.


Egg slicers have multiple uses

I love egg slicers, especially for egg salad, but did you know they’re great for slicing strawberries perfectly too?


Make your plates toasty in a toaster oven

One of the best parts of restaurant meals is how your food is served on a warm plate. It just seems to add something to the meal, so why not bring this trick home by toasting your plates in your toaster oven? Pop them in for 5 minutes at 200 degrees and serve your food.


Steam a towel in your rice cooker

There are always occasions that call for a steamed towel – when you want to unkink the muscles in the back of your neck, if you have a headache, or you just want to warm up for a minute, and this shouldn’t be a luxury item you only get your hands on at your local spa. Steam your own towels by plugging in your rice cooker and turning it on with a damp towel inside for 10 minutes.

Skip the iron

You can take the wrinkles out of your clothes quickly and easily by putting a damp cloth in your dryer along with your clothes and setting it to medium heat for 20 minutes. It won’t look as perfectly pressed as an iron, but it will remove most wrinkles.


Make a piecrust with your pasta maker

This is my favourite kitchen trick yet. I’m the world’s worst piecrust maker. I can get the piecrust into what I call the ‘ball state,’ but I can’t roll it out as perfectly as I’d like. Enter the pasta maker – just roll your piecrust as thin as you can and push it through your pasta maker. Pasta makers are also great for rolling out your fondant if you’re into cake decorating.

Surprised by all of the cool and fun ways you can use your kitchen appliances? So was I, and it definitely makes you want to get into your kitchen and try a bunch of these great kitchen hacks.

Need a small appliance I’ve mentioned here? Check out all of the amazing small appliances on right now, and if you have a great kitchen hack to share, please comment below.

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