Yeedi Robot vacuumThere’s a wide variety of robot vacuums available today and they offer many benefits. Not only are they easy to use, but they’re also hands free, low maintenance, and will save you plenty of time and energy, which is always a bonus. Today I’m reviewing the Yeedi Vac robot vacuum and Yeedi robot vacuum with Vac Stationthe latter of which includes a self-empty station and mopping abilities as well.

Inside the box of Yeedi Vac and Vac Station robot vacuum

Yeedi inside the boxUnboxing Yeedi robot vacuum

Inside the box you will find the Yeedi Robot Vacuum Cleaner with main brush and multi-function cleaning tool, docking station with power adapter, removeable side brush, quick start guide, warranty information, and instruction manual.

Unboxing Yeedi robot vac station

The Yeedi Vac Station robot vacuum cleaner package includes both the same Yeedi vacuum as well as the self-empty station and accessories that go with it for automatically disposing of dirt as well as to allow for mopping as well. This includes the ramp extension, screwdriver and base socket screws, power adaptor, main brush, removeable side brush, HEPA filter, water tank, dustbin with two dust bags, washable mopping pad with pad plate, quick start guide, instruction manual, and warranty information.

Features and specifications of Yeedi Vac and Vac Station robot vacuum

Yeedi Vac Yeedi Vac Station
2500pa (suction power) 3000pa (suction power)
Carpet detection sensors Self-empty station holds up to 30 days of dust
Smart visual mapping Smart mopping system
110 minute run time Smart vacuuming system
App and voice control Smart visual mapping with editing
Carpet detection sensors 200 minute run time
Yeedi App Auto-recharge when low battery
  Resumes cleaning when re-charged
  App and voice control
  Carpet detection/floor tracking sensors
  Yeedi App


Testing the Yeedi in my home

Yeedi AppAfter unboxing your Yeedi robot vacuum, you’ll need to fully charge it, which takes 6.5 hours according to the manual. While the robot vacuum was charging, I downloaded the Yeedi app on my smartphone and scanned the QR code located next to the vacuum’s dust container, then followed the prompts to connect to Wi-Fi and the vacuum. I secured the Vac Station base and dust container with the included screwdriver and then browsed through the quick start guide and instruction manual.

I followed the instructions to pick up any small items from the floor and I closed the doors to my sons’ rooms as they both have a lot of power and charging cords and I was worried the vacuum may suck them up. Once charged, I followed the prompt on the app to map my home and let the vacuum run its course. The first two things I noticed were how the vacuum clearly (and audibly) informs you of its next move as well as how quiet it runs. On a hard surface, you can barely hear it running, and even once it transitioned over to my area rug, it was still quieter than my current vacuum. I let it run while I prepared dinner for the family and simply stepped around it when it scooted over to the kitchen. After dinner, I checked the floors and was pleasantly surprised at how clean they were and that it had fully vacuumed all the pet hair from my area rug.

Yeedi Vac StationNext, I tested the mopping feature included with the Yeedi Vac Station model. The vacuum itself immediately recognized that I had inserted both the water reservoir and mop pad and so did the Yeedi app. You can adjust the water level for cleaning through the app and I started with the lowest level as I didn’t want too much water on the  floors. I found that amount to be perfect for my hardwood but would use a higher level for more soiled floors or more porous tiles.

Yeedi bottomI then used the app to stop a clean and sent the vacuum to charge. On my first attempt, the vacuum had a hard time finding its way and prompted me to move it closer to the Vac Station. But on my second attempt, it had no trouble finding its way on its own. I was impressed at how well the vacuum navigates around tight corners and turns to make its way onto the dock. Once docked, I was informed that it was starting to charge and then it automatically emptied the dust container. The emptying of the dust container is pretty loud, but it does a thorough job and the fact that it’s totally hands free makes it worthwhile. As per the manual, one dust/dirt bag can last up to 30 days depending on how soiled your floors are. The dust/dirt bag is both easy to install and remove and I love the self-closing feature of the bag as your remove it. This saves you from dealing with gross mess or spills that may happen on removal. After a mop clean, the vacuum also prompts you to immediately remove the excess water from the reservoir and the mop pad attachment. This is perfect for long term cleanliness and the avoidance of mould or mildew building up on the wet surfaces.

Final thoughts on the Yeedi Vac and Vac Station robot vacuum

Yeedi multi-function toolBoth the Yeedi Robot Vac and Yeedi Vac Station vacuums work the same, the extra perks you get with the Vac Station are of course the mopping ability and the self-empty feature. The self-empty feature is fantastic and low maintenance. I love that the multi-function tool is included. I have long hair and we have pets so of course the brush roller requires some cleaning, and the tool works perfectly and quickly to remove any excess hair from the brush.

The white and black colours of the vacuum are neutral, and the design is sleek and doesn’t take up much space. The vacuum can easily be tucked away discretely in a small space.

Since I’m new to robot vacuums, I think I would prefer to run it when I’m at home, mainly because I have a small 7 lb. dog that may get up to no good while it does its job. I can see the perks to having it run while you’re out at work or running errands, though. How amazing would it be to always come home to clean floors? It’s one less household chore that you have to do yourself.

Overall, the Yeedi Robot Vacuum is quiet, easy to use, low maintenance and a huge time saver.

You can find these Yeedi Robot Vacuum and the Yeedi Robot Vacuum with Vac Station at Best Buy online.

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