dorm room appliancesAlthough it’s probably tempting to put off unpacking and setting up your dorm room when you arrive at school, setting up right away and having everything ready to go for a brand new school year is the best thing you can do to get off on the right foot.

Setting up your dorm room means setting up your dorm room kitchen, and when you unpack all of the appliances you’ve brought with you, you’ll be able to see how much space you have and find gaps in your daily cooking routine.

Maybe you love grilled cheese, but the microwave you’ve brought won’t cut it when it comes to a hot and toasty cheese sandwich. How about drinks? Are you set up to make beverages for you and friends if they stop by to study?

If you’ve got extra space in your dorm room kitchen area, I’ve got five dorm room appliances you might consider bringing along.



Panini Press

The sky’s the limit when you consider what you can make with a Panini press, a nd you’ll be glad you have one when it’s time to make a grilled cheese or a toasted peanut butter banana sandwich. A Panini press won’t take up a ton of space either, and that makes it a must-have for a lot of college students.



braun brewsense.jpg

Drip coffee maker

Instead of running into the cafeteria every morning for coffee, you can enjoy it in your room with a drip coffee maker. There are a ton of great reasons why a drip coffee maker is a must-have in your dorm room; it makes a huge pot of great coffee you can enjoy all day, models like the Braun Brewsense have keep warm plates so your coffee stays hot, and you can even adjust for strong or regular brew if you need a morning pickup.




I have a SodaStream and once you use it it’s easy to see why this is an appliance you’d love in a dorm room. Instead of buying expensive soda you can make it yourself, and it’s handy for just making carbonated water if you’ve got an upset stomach. The SodaStream starter kit will give you everything you need too, so you can just set it up and starting making soda in your dorm room.



Indoor grill

You can BBQ just like you did at home with an indoor grill. An indoor grill like the Breville Indoor Smart Grill will grill anything including meat, veggies, and sandwiches. With temperatures up to 249˚C, you can sear your steak or cook up a burger in a hurry.



Waffle Maker

I’m a huge fan of waffle makers, and that’s because they do more than make waffles. When you’re craving a chocolate brownie, just throw some batter on a waffle maker, top it with ice cream, and you have a decadent dessert right in your dorm room. They are also great for dinner, because, in my opinion, chicken and waffles is one of the best and easiest meals you can make.


Space might be at a premium in a dorm room, but these five appliances are definitely something you’ll use on a daily basis. Take a look at all of the other must-have appliances we’ve wrote about on Plug in and check out the huge selection of dorm room appliances available on



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