reliable vacuum cleaner for dorm room

In all the excitement that comes with preparing for a year away at school, it’s easy to forget you’ll also need to keep your dorm room clean. When it comes to cleaning, nothing is more important than a vacuum cleaner. Here are four reasons why you need to bring a reliable vacuum with you to your dorm, and a few choices you have for your small space.

A reliable vacuum cleaner removes dirt and debris

When you live in a dorm room you’ll be spending a lot of time going in and out, and so will anyone who visits you. Because most dorm rooms are carpeted, you can’t just sweep away the dirt and debris that builds up on your floor. Having a reliable vacuum cleaner stored in your dorm room closet or under the bed means it will always be easy to just pull it out and clean up.

Different types of dorm room vacuum cleaners to choose from

stick vacuum for dorm roomIt used to be a that taking a vacuum cleaner with you when you went back to school was a chore in itself. Canister vacuum cleaners can take up a lot of space, and dorm rooms generally don’t have room for extra storage. Thankfully, the latest vacuum cleaners are slim, sleek, and receive an A+ for cleaning power and storage savings.

Stick vacuum cleaners for the dorm

Stick vacuums are extremely popular, and that’s for good reason. These long, slender vacuum cleaners have suction you really have to see to believe. Because they have rechargeable, long lasting batteries and large debris containers, you can clean anywhere with them. They also can be taken apart for easy storage under a bed.

Take a robot vacuum cleaner with you to the dorm

robot vacuum for dorm roomImagine coming into your dorm room every day and having the floor already vacuumed for you? It’s all possible when you have a robot vacuum, and besides being an enviable small appliance, a robot vacuum cleaner is the perfect dorm companion because you can schedule the cleaning for when you aren’t there. They pick up all the dirt and debris in their path, and they can map their way around your room so they don’t miss a spot.

handheld vacuum cleanerHead back to school with a handheld vacuum cleaner

Handheld vacuums have come a long way. Long gone are the handhelds that only picked up a bit of debris here and there, and they now have strong suction, long lasting batteries, and large debris containers. You can use a handheld vacuum cleaner in your dorm to pick up particles both large and small, and because they are so compact, you can easily store them out of sight.


You may think you won’t have space for a reliable vacuum in your dorm room, but as you can see, there are quite a few options for anyone heading back to school and back to dorm room living. Check out all of the vacuum cleaners on Best Buy, and add a vacuum cleaner to your must-bring list for this September.

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  1. Well there are no good advice for a dorm room. What kind of student can afford a Dyson into a dorm room? How about a couple of vacuums that are under 100$?

  2. Does this model has the center brush? how does it handle dirt and dust on floors? I have been wanting a roomba or the likes for a long time.

  3. This vacuum is perfect for sealing in suction across a wide variety of carpets and hardwood flooring. And for those of us who struggle with pet hair (everywhere) all over the polished hardwood, this one is a blessing.

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