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Cleaning up spills is a hassle, but the Tineco iFloor 3 Cordless Wet/Dry Upright Vacuum can change that. This handy vacuum is designed for hard floors and handles both wet and dry messes like a champ, and its cordless operation means that you’ll be able to get your floors sparkling clean quicker than ever before.

What makes the iFloor 3 so special is its ease of use. This vacuum will clean up chardonnay, cereal, and clam chowder with just a single pass. It’s perfect for making everyday spills disappear in moments, and it’ll help keep your household on track and on time no matter how messy things get at mealtime.

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What’s in the box?

In the box of the Tineco iFloor 3, you’ll find a securely packed device with cleaning fluid and maintenance tools. The iFloor 3 comes with a separate handle that clicks on, a brush roller, and a charging dock that plugs right into the wall. It includes two HEPA filters, a 3-in-1 cleaning tool, and a full-sized bottle of Tineco Hard Floor Cleaning Solution.

The battery included in the upright iFloor 3 Vacuum and Wash offers 25 minutes of runtime on a single charge. Its LED display highlights the device’s battery level, mode (Self-Cleaning, EcoMAX, or regular), and status (brush roll, dirty water tank, and clean water tank).

One of the things that I liked about the iFloor 3 right off the bat is that the included cleaning solution is cost-effective and easy to use. You add one capful into the fresh water container and tip to mix. It makes the water a little cloudy, and it doesn’t smell like much—a bit like cleaner, with a very light, fresh scent. For light cleaning jobs, you don’t really need the cleaner (I’ve used my Tineco iFloor 3 a few times with just warm water), but it’s a nice option for when you want to give your floors something extra. It dries totally smooth, with no sticky finish.

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What can the Tineco iFloor 3 cordless wet/dry upright vacuum do?

The Tineco iFloor 3 is designed to be a wet/dry vacuum for your hard floors. (You may notice in my review video that I also tried it on low-pile carpet, even though it isn’t designed for that purpose—more on that in my video review). It vacuums and mops at the same time, with two cleaning modes (regular and EcoMax) and a brush roll.

This wet/dry vacuum is easy to use. It’s lightweight and cordless, making it a great choice for quick cleaning jobs on hard floors. It uses a minimal amount of water and sucks dirty water back up into a separate compartment, so your floors dry quickly and streak-free. Each main component, from the brush roll cover to the HEPA filter, clicks out for easy cleaning and reassembly.

There were two things that I wanted to note about the iFloor 3 after the first time I used it. The first is that it’s a vacuum and mop—not a vacuum or mop. You can’t turn the water on and off. The second is in the same vein: it has a brush roll, and that brush roll is always on. Neither of these traits is a dealbreaker for me, because both the vacuum/mop combination and the brush roll worked well when I tested this vacuum. However, if you like a really customizable appliance, that might be something to watch for!

Tineco iFloor 3 Wet-Dry Upright Vacuum review

My experience with the Tineco iFloor 3 vacuum and wash

I was hesitant to love the iFloor 3, but it quickly won me over. It doesn’t do the things that love from wet suction products (that is, it won’t deep clean), but it does a lot more than that.

The iFloor 3 is a wonderful “everyday” kitchen and dining room vacuum. It’s a poor choice if you’re going to try to use it to scrub: I tried it on gummed-on floor detritus and a rug (just for this review—the product isn’t made for soft surfaces), and got absolutely nowhere with it. But it’s a great choice if you want to be proactive about your cleaning. The Tineco iFloor 3 makes cleaning up everyday spills and messes easy and remarkably fast.

Tineco iFloor 3 Wet-Dry Upright Vacuum effective dirty
Look at all the dirty water the iFloor 3 sucked up!

The perfect example of where this upright wet/dry vacuum comes in handy is cereal in milk. You can’t really mop up cereal, because the cereal bits will fall off of your mop and back onto the floor. But you also can’t vacuum it up, because you’ll completely destroy a regular vacuum with the milk. You can, however, wet/dry vacuum it—and the iFloor 3 does an amazing job of that.

I initially focused my review on standard floor cleaning, because that’s what I’ve been using this vacuum for. But the second I intentionally spilled some milk onto the floor, I was won over. This upright by Tineco sucked the milk up immediately, and even when I bent down to give the floor a good sniff, I couldn’t find a trace of milk left behind. (After just one pass!) The whole mess was gone in under 30 seconds, including the time it took for me to put the vacuum back in its charging stand.

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What should you expect from the iFloor 3?

The Tineco iFloor 3 will clean up mealtime messes in an instant. It leaves dusty or spilled-on floors shiny and smooth, and is the perfect way to keep your day on track even if your family is prone to accidents. Messes like soup and cereal, which I would expect to take 5-10 minutes to clean up with a cloth, disappear within seconds with the iFloor 3.

Where this upright vacuum struggles is with big cleaning jobs. It isn’t designed to mop your entire house in one go (due to its 25 minute battery life), and it can’t handle stains or dried-on sticky substances very well. However, it’s easy to use and easy to clean, with a self-cleaning function worked right into the handle. The integrated brush roll is powerful and pulls the device along, and pops out for fuss-free cleaning with Tineco’s included cleaning tools. When I cleaned up my first milk spill in the kitchen, it took me three strokes of the vacuum to get every drop of milk off the floor, around 30 seconds to let the vacuum self-clean, and then about a minute and a half to remove the dirty water tray, rinse it out thoroughly in the sink, and lay the pieces out to dry.

What you give up in power with the Tineco iFloor 3, you get back in convenience. It mops and vacuums very quickly, and floors only need one pass to get them sparkling clean. Even full of water, this vacuum is lightweight, and I love not having to haul a cord around the house. It’s a great solution for messy households—especially when those messes involve things like spilled juice and pasta sauce!

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