roomba-2Today begins the robotic revolution! It’s the rise of the robotic vacuums, and they’re here to make your life easier! Join me below for a look at several amazing robotic vacuums that are only too happy to clean your home for you every single day. These robots may not be as fun as BB-8 or R2-D2, but they’re sure to be worth every bit as much on the Jawa black market! Among the models I consider below are the dynamic Dyson Eye, the notorious Neato Botvac, & the remarkable Roomba 980. Keep reading for full details.


dyson-eyeFirst up is the amazing Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum – In Nickel. This vacuum has no interest in taking over the galaxy, but it does want to clean your home for you. To get the job done, the Dyson Eye employs a 360 degree “vision” system to find its way around. In other words, it can navigate your home all on its own without any help from you (after all, nobody wants a robot that just keeps pestering them for directions!). Another great feature of the Dyson Eye is its hassle-free scheduling option. Simply download and install the Dyson Link app to your trusty smart device and schedule recurring vacuuming sessions at will. This means that you can easily set the Dyson to do the vacuuming whenever you’re away at work or out enjoying your weekend. No noisy suction sounds shattering your eardrums! But better still, because it’s a Dyson, you’re also getting the unmatched power of the Dyson Digital Motor V2 with Radial Root Cyclone Technology (the same advanced technology you’ll find in Dyson’s full-sized vacuum models). Few brands today inspire the level of confidence that Dyson commands, and it’s for very good reason considering the reputation that Dyson has earned—both in the world of vacuums & bladeless cooling fans.


Among the other amazing features you’ll find in this super Dyson design is an advanced filtration system that gobbles up nasty allergens and replaces them with completely clean air. This means that you’ll always breathe easy as long as your Dyson Eye is on duty! Add to that a full sized brush bar, anti-static carbon-fibre filaments, a low-maintenance 40 minute charging time (with the good sense to automatically return to its charging dock all by itself), and a fully bagless dust & debris collection system, and you’re pretty much getting it all with the amazing Dyson Eye. It even picks right up where it left off after stopping to recharge, making this Dyson vacuum the great robotic gift that truly keeps on cleaning!


neato-botvacAnother feature rich model is the Neato Botvac Robot Vaccuum (D7500) – In Arctic White, Black, & Blue. Just like the Dyson Eye, this bot also boasts the ability to “see” where it’s going—even in the dark! It senses obstacles such as furniture, stray toys, shoes sitting in the middle of the floor, and pretty much everything else, responding to these objects simply by navigating around them (rather than crashing into or steamrolling right over them). Along the way, the Neato still manages to vacuum every square inch of the territory it covers, doing so with the powerful suction of the SpinFlow Power Clean system. This setup not only uses powerful suction to perfect effect, but it also adds in an extra-large filter system, versatile brushes, & a convenient bagless bin that will save you from the constant frustration of continually looking all over town for additional vacuum bags.


And then there’s its LaserSmart mapping & navigation system, which scans the area to be cleaned and plots out the most efficient course for getting the job done thoroughly & quickly. This, in fact, allows the Neato to finish its work up to 4 times faster than competing vacuu-bots—particularly those that are fully round in shape, thus giving the Botvac more than enough time to step outside for a quick coffee break—if it could drink coffee! Essentially, the Neato’s D-shaped design (with its one squared edge) fits better in corners (and along walls) than other, fully round, models. In fact, it even fits nicely under cabinet edges and other fixture & furniture anomalies. Moreover, it will doggedly hunt down every last piece of dust and debris with the gall to invade its territory! The Neato Botvac is truly a machine among machines, and it is ever and always ready to serve.


roombaThe final robotic vacuum I’d like to consider today is the iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot. This model is every bit as capable as the other two models, and maybe even just a little bit better. Of course, it has the expected scheduling feature, which can be set using the iRobot HOME App on your smart phone or other iOS or Android based device. You can also remotely activate your Roomba 980 via the app, so if you’re out enjoying yourself and wish to come home to a perfectly clean home, just whip out your phone and tell your robot to get to work! Another great thing about the Roomba is that it really doesn’t care what type of flooring surfaces you have. It’s fine with carpet, tiles, hardwood flooring, laminate, whatever! It even has a special feature called the AeroForce Cleaning System with Carpet Boost, which puts the power of air to work on your most heavy-duty rugs—AKA, dust mite central! Even if those microscopic nasties are hiding in the absolute mite paradise that is shag carpeting, they won’t be there for long! The Roomba 980 is truly their worst nightmare. And, with the AeroForce high-efficiency filter backing it up, your Roomba will capture 99% of all allergens, pollen, & dust particles that are foolish enough to get in its way (even those particles as tiny as 10 minuscule microns in diameter). You may never sneeze again!


The Roomba 980 also features a system of brushless extractors (which are great for picking up pet hair) and spinning side brushes (that guide dirt towards a central location for more efficient pick up). Finally, with its cliff-detection sensors, you can rest assured that your Roomba will never attempt a splashy suicide by diving headlong down the stairs or over any other type of ledge in your home. With all of these features going for it, as well as the ability to work non-stop for 2 straight hours before needing a charge-up (and then casually returning to its charging cradle for a quick power boost before resuming cleaning), you really can’t go wrong with the Roomba. Beyond all doubt, it’s a genuine mechanical marvel!


A couple of years ago I tested and reviewed a robotic vacuum for Best Buy. At the time, the technology hadn’t fully matured, and I think that some things certainly could have been better. From reading up on these vacuums this week, it seems as though the day of the robotic vacuum has finally arrived in earnest. I really wish I had one of these things myself! Although, truth be told, I probably need a lot more help than even one of these bad boys can provide. Until next time, have an excellent day!

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