pet vacuum cleaners.jpgYou probably consider a lot of different things when you bring home pets. From vet bills to the right pet food, you’ve got it covered. But what you might underestimate is just how much pet hair can pile up, so it’s nice to know that there are vacuum cleaners out there that can help you deal with pet hair in all shapes and forms.

Upright vacuums for pet hair

upright pet vacuumEven one shedding cat can cause a lot of hair to pile up on hardwood floors, carpets, and furniture, but upright vacuum cleaners are on the job and can take care of every little strand.

Upright vacuum cleaners designed specifically for pet hair will have a few unique features. With swivel heads they can cruise around furniture, easily capturing a clump of pet hair you might have missed. These vacuum cleaners are powered with triple brush rolls that will ensure all fur is removed from your floor and couch, and thanks to intense suction and whole machine HEPA filters, the air you expel from the vacuum won’t cause your allergies to go into overdrive.

Some models of upright pet vacuum cleaner will also include a brush tool you can use right on your pet. That tool will remove fur that hasn’t fallen out yet, keeping your pet and your floors clean.

Canister vacuums for pet hair

canister vacuum for pet hairSome of the top rated pet vacuums come in canister models. Depending on the model you choose, you’ll find features like motorized roller brushes with five height adjustments and pet hair brush attachments. That means you can use your vacuum on any type of carpet, floor, or furniture and you’ll smoothly clean up every strand of Fido’s hair.

Canister pet vacuums also have built-in filters that may have ingredients like active charcoal to remove lingering pet odours and HEPA filters to remove up to 99.9% of allergens from the air. With a canister vacuum you also have the opportunity to choose whether or not you have a model that uses bags, and bags make it easier to remove the pet hair from the vacuum and dispose of it.

Stick vacuums for pet hair

stick vacuum cleaner for petsJust because you have a pet doesn’t mean you have to give up the idea of having a stick or cordless vacuum cleaner. The latest stick vacuum cleaners come in dedicated pet models, and you’ll find features like extra-long battery life, additional accessories to remove pet hair from furniture and in crevices, and three levels of suction to remove hair from shag carpets to bare floors.

Some models of stick pet vacuums will also have built-in technology to allow for removal of microscopic pet dander as well as visible clumps of hair. Because many models of stick vacuum are also cordless, you can easily clean your pet’s fur off your car’s interior too.

Handheld vacuums for pet hair

handheld pet vacuumThere are so many benefits to having a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean up pet hair. When your pet walks in the door after being outside and drags in dirt with them, you can grab your handheld and quickly clean up after them.

These pet vacuums are designed to have incredibly strong suction, and some models will spin at 110,000 RPM to remove even the tiniest specs of pet dander. If you choose a cord-free model you’ll get long battery life, so every time you pick it up for a quick clean, it’s ready when you are.

Robot vacuums for pet hair

robot pet vacuumYes, it’s true: you can find robot vacuums that will give you a hands-free way to deal with pet hair. Beyond the fact that you can set up a schedule and clean your floors every day with a robot vacuum, robot pet vacuums have powerful motors to suck up every spec and tangle-free brushes so they won’t get tripped up by pet hair when they run across it.

Robot vacuums also have long battery life so they have the time to cruise into every corner where pet hair might be hiding, and when the battery is running low, they head back to their base station for a recharge.


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  1. As a pet-owner i can say that any vacuum with good suction and a pretty hard hair-brush will do. But ofc brush rotation, HEPA and a canister design is preferable too.

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