upgrade your washer and dryerFall is one of the busiest seasons for renovations, with everyone trying to batten down the hatches before winter. In the fall, the most popular renovations happen inside the house. Kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms will receive fresh, new looks, and that makes it the perfect time to take a look at why you might want to upgrade your washer and dryer before the year is up.

Even if you upgraded your washer and dryer a few years ago, you may notice a huge difference in the features on your current laundry pair and the brand new laundry pairs available now.

What type of washer and dryer can you choose?

There are quite a few different options for washer and dryers, and given the choices, it’s easy to find the perfect pair or individual appliance for your home.

Maytag high efficicency washing machine

You can choose the traditional top-loading washer and dryer, and the latest models are

energy efficient and save on water too. A front loading washer and dryer is a popular choice and you’ll find new models with smart features, quick wash options, and steam cleaning.

There are apartment sized washer and dryer sets if you are short on space, and full-sized washer and dryers that can be stacked.

Wash and dry more clothes at one time

You don’t have to go to the laundromat to access a high capacity washing machine and dryer. The latest front loading washer and dryer sets offer you space to spare, and with a 5.2 cu ft. capacity in the washer and 7.5 cu. ft. capacity in the dryer, you can wash and dry up to 29 towels at one time!

You’ll find the latest washer and dryers also clean and dry clothes in a hurry. The latest models have 30-minute cycles that can clean and dry your clothes faster than before.

Removing stains is easier than ever

When you upgrade your washer and dryer to one with steam options, it’s the equivalent of upgrading your old car to a luxury model. Steam can penetrate stains, remove allergens, and deep clean all of your clothes and bedding. Any time I’ve used the steam option on my washing machine and dryer, my clothes come out looking brand new.

If you’ve ever watched your washer in action you know that it will tumble or agitate your clothing until they are clean. Some new washing machines make that cleaning motion even more efficient with new technology that adds 6 distinct washing motions to each cycle.

Add a smart washing machine to your home

Wi-Fi washer and dryerConnected kitchen appliances are becoming more and more common, and washing machines and dryers are heading down that same path.

The latest smart washer and dryers offer built-in Wi-Fi and work with a companion app so you can start a cycle, check-in on a cycle, or download new cycles to your phone. You can also use voice control via your home’s voice assistant.

If you ever have an issue with your laundry pair you’ll be happy you can diagnose it via the app or by communicating directly with your brand’s customer service via the app.

What else to consider if you’re going to upgrade your washer and dryer

If your plan is to add a new laundry pair, washing machine, or dryer to your home, be sure to check out and plan for any obstacles you may encounter when moving one set in and one set out.

Make sure your space fits your washer and dryer

You’ll want to measure your laundry space to ensure the washing machine and dryer you choose will fit. You’ll also want to measure your doorway to see if you’ll have trouble navigating a new appliance in or out of it. There’s also the water and electrical connections to consider, and you’ll want to ensure these are compatible with your new appliances so you won’t have any surprises when hooking them up.

Recycle your old laundry pair

Last, but not least, you’re going to want to plan on transport for your new appliances and recycling for your old pair. Take a look at Best Buy’s delivery options. They can deliver your new washing machine and dryer and recycle your old pair too.

If this is your year to upgrade your washer and dryer, I think you’ll be surprised at how much you love your new laundry pair. The smart features, deep clean options, and sleek and stylish appearance will wow you just as much as that the scent of that fluffy pile of fresh and clean clothes.

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