upgrade your refrigerator We’ve all been in the same situation: you’ve got appliances in your kitchen that you’ve had for a few or more years and, while they’re still up and running, you’ve wondered when you’d know it was time to upgrade. I’ve been there and done that not too long ago, and now that I know what a huge difference upgrading a major appliance makes, I wish I had done it sooner.

I took the time to upgrade my refrigerator, dishwasher, and range, and from the first time I filled my new refrigerator, I was amazed at how they’ve changed from a few years ago. The latest refrigerators have technology to save on your food bill, they’ll keep your food fresh longer, and they help you organize your food more efficiently too.

Upgrade your refrigerator and make your kitchen smarter

Samsung Family Hub uprgrade your refrigeratorI am 100% committed to having a smart home, and I’ve added outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, Wi-Fi enabled door locks, and an online alarm system. While I’ve found the advances in cameras and smart home security to be really amazing, I’ve been bowled over by what big brands are changing in the world of major appliances.

Did you know if you upgrade your refrigerator, you could actually cut down on your food bill, keep a unified family schedule, and follow recipes right on the door? Refrigerators like the Samsung Family Hub have cameras built into the refrigerator so you can open the Samsung app when you’re at the store, take a look inside, and check every corner to see if you’re missing something not on your list. With a 21.5-inch Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreen, you can have your entire family sync their schedule, send photos, or stream music, right in your kitchen.

There’s also the LG InstaView French door refrigerator with LG SmartThinQ. It’s a sleek refrigerator that works with the LG SmartThinQ app so you can control parts of your refrigerator within the app. It even works with your Google Home so you can access features on your refrigerator, like making ice for a crowd of 20, with your voice.

Save on your food bill by preserving your food for longer

LG InstaView refrigerator Groceries cost a fortune, and perishable food is one of those things that you really have to think about before you buy it. If you don’t use your food during a certain time frame, that money you spent essentially goes into the compost with it.

One of the most amazing things I discovered when I decided to upgrade my refrigerator was that my food would stay fresh for longer. That means while you’ll admire how your new refrigerator looks in your kitchen, there’s also technology built in that’s working hard to preserve your food.

On the LG InstaView, the Door-in-door design with ColdSaver technology keeps your food cold by giving you quick access to your must-grab items like pop or fruit. On Samsung refrigerators there’s a premium cooling system with 3 evaporators working to keep precise temperatures and the perfect level of humidity in all 3 zones of the fridge.

Organize your food the same way you organize your kitchen

mid-level drawer upgrade your refrigeratorThe biggest difference you might notice when you upgrade your refrigerator is the way you can organize it. The latest refrigerators have space saving designs that include multiple crispers, door-in-door beverage spots, mid-level drawers for foods that you want easy access to, and slide out shelves so you can store large items.

For me, going from two or three standard shelves with a milk jug holder on the side to drawers, cubbies, and high-capacity shelves was a complete revelation. If you struggle to store your kid’s lunches on top of milk, juice, and fruit, you’ll love how it all comes together when you upgrade your refrigerator.

You’ll never regret making the choice to upgrade your refrigerator, and there’s also the added bonus of choosing from the new finishes including the very swoon-worthy black stainless steel.

You can take a look at the latest refrigerators and check out the tech built into them on Best Buy right now.

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