top 5 espresso machines When I’m about to make a purchase of any kind, the first thing I do is head to the customers reviews. Even if I’m standing in the middle of a store deciding between one device or another, I’ll still grab my phone and check and see what other people thought of what I’m about to buy.

If you’re like me, you know how valuable other people’s experiences with a product are. They’ll give you tips for using it, tell you how it works, and let you know if there are any downsides.

Reviews are important all year, but they really come in handy during the holidays when you’re shopping for someone else. Take espresso machines for example: if you’re about to purchase an espresso machine for the holidays, you’ll definitely want to take a look at Best Buy reviews of the top rated espresso machines.

Here’s a look at some of the top espresso machines as rated by Best Buy customers.

1. Breville Barista Express

Breville Barista Express
There’s a reason why the Breville Barista Express is one of the highest rated espresso machines on the market. It’s a programmable, 15-bar Italian pump, semi-automatic espresso machine that will give you an amazing shot of espresso in under a minute. There’s also a built-in grinder, so you can grind your beans exactly the way you’d like them.


Here’s what Anthony
from Toronto had to say:
September 13, 2017

I never review products. I bought this machine to replace a much more expensive machine that had finally broken down. The Breville came with four baskets, a water filter, some descaling tablets, a cleaning kit, the tamper, a coffee leveller and even included the milk steaming jug! The documentation was great. The auto dose feature for the grinder is adjustable, the grind can be adjusted quickly with a dial outside the machine and even allows for another level of control by adjusting the outer burr. The auto dose of espresso can also be adjusted for both single and double shots, as can the temperature. The quality of the espresso is terrific and the milk steamer works very well. Unless you are regularly making many lattes at once this machine will work very well for you.

2. De’Longhi Dedica EC680

De'Longhi Dedica Pump Espresso Machine
If you’re looking to save space on your counter but you still want a full 15 bar espresso machine, look no further than the De’Longhi Dedica EC680. It’s a two cup machine so you can make two shots in a hurry, and thanks to Thermoblock technology your espresso machine will heat up to the perfect temperature in half a minute.


Here’s what AF from Orleans, Ontario had to say:
January 28, 2017

Small and nice looking, this machine makes an excellent coffee with rich crema. It has nice features and looks sturdy but elegant at the same time. I’ve been using it for a month and have no complaints so far. Very happy with this purchase!


3. De’Longhi Dedica Cappuccino Pump Espresso Machine

De'Longhi Dedica Cappuccino Pump Espresso Machine
Can you imagine if your espresso machine had an automatic rinsing milk carafe you could put in your fridge? That’s what you get with the De’Longhi 15-bar pump espresso maker, plus there’s a professional filter holder and cup warmer you can use to make the best cappuccinos you’ve ever had.



Here’s what HappyDaddy from Montreal had to say:
August 21, 2015
I’ve had this for 3 months now. I still love it. Makes great coffee and I haven’t had any issues yet with it. Use it every day, if not 2 or 3 times a day!


4. Breville Duo-Temp Pro Pump Espresso Machine

Breville Duo Temp
When you want complete control over your espresso, the Breville Duo-Temp Pro Pump Espresso Machine will be your coffee-bar favourite. It’s a 15 bar pump Italian espresso machine with programmable shot volume and low pressure pre-infusion for even coffee extraction. With a 2-shot cup capacity you’ll be able to make one for yourself and one for a friend.


Here’s what John from Port Coquitlam, BC had to say:
August 31, 2017

OK – so, I was comparing this to a Via Veneto and a Gaggia Baby and found certain features that did not measure up. WAS I EVER WRONG. This bad boy is an amazing piece of kit for the price. My wife makes lattes, I’m into Americano(e)s. This does both with style. Let the machine warm up, turn the knob left, and let it run until it turns itself off, then turn the knob upright. If you are into Americano(e)s, take the cup off the drip tray, and put it under the spout, press the button for water. Let’er run until you have the amount you need. If you are into Lattes/Cappuccinos (well, more lattes), get your milk into a wee jug, turn the knob to the right (with a little cup under it to catch any water), when the steam starts to happen, froth your milk and poof. A+ morning! (did I mention I only gave this a 3 a month ago – and that I was wrong?)


5. Oster Prima Latte Espresso Machine

oster prima latte espresso machine
With the Oster Prima Latte Espresso machine you can make delicious espresso and froth your milk automatically. It’s a 15-bar pump system that’s a semi-automatic 3-in-1 espresso, cappuccino, and latte maker. It’s also got a one-touch control panel so it’s really easy to pick and choose your next cup of brew.



Here’s what Marilyn from Whitby, Ontario had to say:
October 27, 2015
Have had mine for almost 3 years and I use it almost daily. Love the fact that I can use whatever brand flavour I like and don’t need to worry about any silly pods. Only had one issue and Oster replaced the machine. Highly recommend this product.


Who wouldn’t want to receive the gift of coffee? With an espresso machine on your counter top you’ll be able to make everything from Americanos to Vanilla Lattes or seasonal favourites like Gingerbread lattes.

Purchasing an espresso machine is the first step to setting up your own coffee bar, so if you’re wondering which one to buy take a look at these top 5 espresso machines and read the reviews. You’ll feel like you’re shopping with a trusted friend.

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  1. I bought the Nescafe’s Dolce Gusto Drop Coffee machine. It is compact and really handy. Am totally in love with it. It is easy to use and the coffee is also really amazing.

  2. I am looking for a long lasting 4 cups expresso machine – possibly under the counter- without the capuccino option at a reasonable price in Canada

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