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With home ownership and rental prices on the rise it seems to be a growing trend that people are downsizing their living spaces (hello tiny houses), which means you should minimalize your home appliances as well. Minimalizing doesn’t necessarily mean giving something up, there are many alternatives or even multi-purpose appliances on the market. Today I’m talking about how toaster ovens are a great alternative to a conventional oven and how they’re perfect for small kitchens.

A toaster oven is perfect for small kitchens

Breville Smart Oven Pro Convection Toaster OvenWith all that a toaster oven has to offer, they really are perfect for tiny kitchens or even just tucked away in a corner of a space with no designated kitchen. Their compact design means they take up very little space and this Breville Smart Oven Pro Convection Toaster Oven has a lot of great features and functions to help you get a great meal on the table without the need of a conventional sized oven. The Element IQ ensures you get perfectly cooked food each time you use it and there’s 10 pre-set functions to choose from, 3 rack height options and so much more. The coolest feature of this Toaster Oven is the slow cook ability. You can set the timer anywhere between 4-10 hours and you’ll have a warm dinner to come home to at the end of the day.

A toaster oven is energy efficient

KitchenAid Toaster OvenThe size of a toaster oven allows it to heat up and cool down faster than a conventional oven which is great for your energy bill, but you also you won’t have to worry about overheating your small space. This KitchenAid 0.77 Cu. Ft. Compact Toaster Oven will allow you to bake, convection bake, broil and toast all in a sleek counter top design.

Toaster ovens are multi-purpose

Cuisinart Steam & Convection Toaster OvenWith limited kitchen space, I think it’s important to have appliances that have multi-purposes. You won’t have the counter top space or storage space for multiple appliances and this is where a toaster oven will come in handy. Most toaster ovens on the market today don’t just toast or bake, many offer broil, steam and convection bake as well.

This Cuisinart Steam & Convection Toaster Oven has everything you would want in a toaster oven. With the steam function you can poach, bake or broil your favourite foods while locking in their moisture and reheating leftovers is a breeze and won’t leave them dried out. With the steam function, it’s also super easy to clean. There’s 9 pre-set functions to choose from including bread proofing technology so your family can have fresh baked bread in a breeze.

I think toaster ovens are a kitchen must have and not just because they have a lot to offer for such a small appliance, but they can also be a great time saver. With the right toaster oven you can cook amazing meals without missing a standard sized conventional oven, and your tiny kitchen won’t be issue.

At you can find a variety of toaster ovens to fit perfectly into your small kitchen.

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