Are you team breakfast or no breakfast? I’m definitely team breakfast but only a light one in the mornings. My kids and I love “breakfast for dinner” days though, and that’s when we have all the good stuff like pancakes, hash browns and sausages or bacon. I find when I do a full breakfast it’s hard to have room for cooking everything at the same time and this is where breakfast appliances come in handy. Check out these 5 gift ideas for the breakfast lover on your list this year.

1. Griddles are a breakfast must

Rock griddle

I think everyone has their preferred way of cooking pancakes, but because they take up a lot of space in a pan and are time consuming to cook in big batches, I love using a griddle.

Depending on the size of griddle you have, you can cook a large batch of pancakes quickly. I have a method when I cook a full breakfast. Bacon goes in the oven (a must try method if you haven’t), sausages, scrambled eggs and hash browns in frying pans and pancakes or french toast on a griddle. I will also do fried eggs on a griddle as you can fit plenty on there at once as well. I love the easy clean up of a griddle too. Simply wash with a warm slightly soapy cloth and rinse. You can also find some griddles that have a removable top that can be washed in the sink.

2. Breakfast sandwiches anyone?

Hamilton Beach Breakfast sandwich maker

Both of my sons would eat breakfast sandwiches everyday if given the option. In fact, they’re awesome to pre-make, wrap tightly and freeze for a quick breakfast on the go. I love that you can customize them to personal taste and add any extra fixings after cooking like fresh tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, or a nice and spicy mayo.

My boys’ both love sausage and egg on an English muffin, so much so that my husband brought them a breakfast sandwich maker. At first, I was skeptical of it, but it works really well, is easy to use and doesn’t leave a big mess behind. The removable parts are dishwasher safe and non-stick which makes cooking the sandwich no fuss.

3. Waffle makers

Waffle maker

Waffle makers were designed for waffles, but these days people are cooking all kinds of yummy breakfast foods in them like eggs/omelettes, shredded hash browns and even mashed potatoes.

A waffle maker is a must for waffles as you can’t make them without one, and luckily, they aren’t a bulky small appliance and don’t take up too much cupboard or counter space. If you cook up a big batch, they’re perfect for freezing for a quick breakfast in the mornings and they have a non-stick surface that’s easy to clean too.

4. A blender for a breakfast smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to start your morning full of nutritious ingredients and they are completely customizable to personal taste.

I love that they’re easy to take on the go too for mornings when you’re rushing out the door. If you have kids of any age or picky eaters, it’s also a great way to hide some veggies and fruit. Once you find the perfect balance of liquid and fixings, it’s easy to make any switches to personal taste. One of my sons likes a berry blend while my other prefers the tropical flavours.

Blenders are also great for making smoothie bowls. A variation of a drinkable smoothie really, but with a thicker base and then add your favourite toppings like a nut butter, hemp, pumpkin or flax seeds and some fresh fruit.

5. If coffee is your breakfast

Nespresso Vertuo

Some people can’t stomach a meal when they get up and coffee is their breakfast. This is where having a coffee maker to make your favourite brew at home is both handy and will save you money.

There’s plenty to choose from between the classic drip style, a french press, or one of the many pod styles. We use a french press for the most part, but we also love our pod style for specific coffees. The coffee lover in your life would gladly welcome a new machine this holiday.

It’s important to know your breakfast lovers favourite breakfast food before buying their gift this year to ensure they’ll get plenty of use out of it. Hopefully they’ll have some nice holiday days off work or school to perfect their favourite breakfast, brunch or “breakfast for dinner”.

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Lindsey Reed
I am a mom of two boys who loves reading and trail runs. I am passionate about health, fitness and food and write about these topics and more on my personal blog


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