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There are so many overplayed, typical gifts for dads on Father’s Day: the tie, the pair of socks, the shaving kit, the subscription box to his favourite “thing.” There are only so many hot sauces and shaving accessories dad can use! This year might just be the one to think outside the box. Get dad something that suits a completely different hobby that might often go overlooked: cooking or baking. And you can do that with a thoughtful gift of a small appliance that he can use over and over again and enjoy all year ’round.

Dad might already use a variety of small appliances in the kitchen, but chances are at least one of them is old and outdated. You can replace it with something new to surprise him. Or, if there’s a small appliance he has mentioned wanting or that you think he might love, it might be worth considering adding something new.

Help him experiment with healthier fried foods

Insignia air fryer with food

If dad loves to both fry up a storm and is looking to adopt healthier eating habits (or you simply care about him and wish he would!) an air fryer is a perfect gift. Dad will love the opportunity to experiment with everything from homemade chicken nuggets to fish and chips, chicken wings, spring rolls, and more. Even if dad’s kitchen skills are limited to reheating and popping frozen foods in the oven, he will appreciate just how much easier an air fryer makes this process. After getting one myself, my husband, who is an occasional cook, has become completely hooked on the concept.

cuisinart microwave air fryer oven

If you have limited space, consider opting for a multi-use model like the new Cuisinart 3-in-1 microwave oven air fryer. It works as a microwave with the ability to do combination microwave/oven cooking as well as an air fryer. While the interior is fairly small, it works amazingly well (stayed tuned for my review). Dad will love experimenting with all of the things he can do in the new small kitchen appliance.

Small appliances for sauces, dips, smoothies, and more

cuisinart immersion blender and attachments

Some dads love to play around with making their own sauces and dips. It might be to serve with appetizers and snacks while watching the big game with buddies. Or maybe the dad who loves to barbecue is trying his own custom sauces for ribs on the smoker or wings on the barbecue. There are small appliances that can help make things easier for him.

An immersion blender is perfect for making sauces and dips. They are also good for blending things like homemade soup and homemade tomato sauce. Grab one with variable speed options and plenty of accessories and attachments. This way, dad can try it with different things, from whipping cream for a knockout dessert to smoothing out pasta sauce to jar and gift to friends and family.

Wolf Blender

Dads who are on a health kick are more likely than not becoming obsessed with health smoothies and protein shakes. You can use an immersion blender for these, too. But if you want to help dad really up his game and make complex smoothies at home, consider a blender. Not only are these great for smoothies, but for all of his blending needs. I recently reviewed the Wolf Gourmet countertop blender, a solid option for not only smoothie making but also things like soup: it can actually heat up ingredients while blending them as well, all in the same machine!

Ninja personal blender

For dads who are on-the-go, a personal blender might be a cool option. Some come with a takeaway blending cup with lid so dad can make his protein shake or smoothie, pop on the lid, and go. It minimizes clean-up, something any dad (or anyone, for that matter) can appreciate. And they won’t take up as much room on the kitchen counter as a full-sized blender, great for smaller kitchens with minimal space.

Go cordless with small appliances for easier multitasking

Cuisinart cordless hand blender

Whatever small appliance you opt for, it will thoroughly impress dad if you grab one of the latest cordless types, which free him from being confined to one spot nearby an outlet. He can walk around, mixing without missing catching the news on TV and can multitask using multiple appliances without having to constantly plug and unplug or move things out of the way.

There are a variety of cordless small kitchen appliances from which to choose, from hand mixers to immersion blenders, food choppers and processors, and others.

Get a small appliance for the dad who’s still learning

rice cooker

Not every dad is a veteran cook. Some dads are still learning the ropes and just now picking up cooking and/or baking as a hobby. In these instances, it’s a good idea to grab them a small appliance that can help ease them into things.

Instant Pot

A multicooker or pressure cooker is an obvious choice as dad can use them to try a variety of recipes, from those that need to be slow cooked to ones that need to cook under high pressure. For the ultimate in versatility, I always recommend the Instant Pot, which is a favourite in my kitchen. My husband loves making quick and easy chicken dinners in it, or steaming corn or even pierogies for a quick lunch or side dish.

Another thoughtful option is a rice cooker. It’s funny how, even the most skilled home cooks still can’t seem to get stovetop rice right. With a rice cooker, dad can put in the water or stock and rice and let the machine do its thing to cook rice to the perfect consistency for his dish. Meanwhile, he can focus all of his attention on perfecting the more complicated proteins or vegetables that are going to go with it.

A small appliance is a gift that keeps on giving

Surprise dad this year with his own gadget in the kitchen that he will truly love and that will keep on giving all year ’round. Dad will not only appreciate what he can do with the perfect small appliance, but the smiles and sighs of delight as the family chows down on his latest creations will be worth every penny.  Check out a wide selection of small appliances to choose from for dad at Best Buy Online.

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