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One of the biggest themes of CES 2020 was improving how you live and function in your home. LG showcased how they’ll bring AI to your kitchen, Samsung displayed new and updated appliances powered by AI and the Samsung ecosystem, and now Keurig and Juno want your home to be the host of the ultimate cocktail party.

Unveiled at CES 2020, Keurig Drinkworks and Matrix Juno will be the reason why your friends are always coming around to your house. Keurig Drinkworks is a cocktail maker that uses alcohol K-cups as the base for drinks, and Juno is an instant-chiller for your favourite bottle of wine or can of soda or beer.

Keurig Drinkworks

drinkworks keurig ces2020

With a Keurig Drinkworks set up on your home bar, you’ll be able to whip up cocktails at the push of a button.

Just like your single-serve brewer uses pods filled with coffee grounds, Keurig Drinkworks uses liquid-filled pods filled with different types of alcohol. With the pods you get premium spirits, all-natural ingredients, and real juice infused with delicious natural flavours. You can go from start to pour to sip in 60 seconds, and each drink is perfectly chilled and ready to serve.

How chilled will your drink be? Thanks to Drinkworks Quick Cool KOLD Technology, your drink is mixed and ready to serve at 3 degrees Celcius or 37 Fahrenheit. Drinkworks will also use precision carbonation to add a little bubble to your beverage.

Drinkworks beverage types

You can make a Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Old Fashioned, and even a Moscow Mule, all within 60 seconds. Each container will make 4 drinks.

The Keurig Drinkworks will be ready to add to your home bar after March 2020, so keep an eye out for it.

Matrix Juno wine chiller


Unless you have your own wine cellar, odds are you’ve had to wait for your bottle of wine to chill before you can drink it. That can be a pain, especially if you plan on serving that wine with dinner.

If you’re tired of waiting for your fridge to do the job of chilling your bottle of bubbly, look no further than Juno. Juno is designed by Matrix, the company that brought you the PowerWatch and the PowerWatch 2. Not only can it chill wine in minutes, but it can also chill your can of beer or soda.

Juno is a countertop appliance about the size of a coffee maker, and it uses unique heat-draining technology to significantly drop the temperature of your bottle of wine in minutes. All you have to do is open Juno’s lid, pop in a bottle of wine or a can of soda or beer, and close the lid. You can hit one of two top buttons to decide on your chilling time, and the indicator light will shift red to blue when the timer is done. Then all you have to do is open Juno back up, pull out your chilled drink, and enjoy a refreshing cold beverage.

How does a device like Juno cool your drink so quickly? It spins the beverage really fast, and as it spins the warmer molecules move to the edge of the container. Water will wick the heat away through the back of the appliance. You don’t have to worry about your can of beer getting foamy from excess shaking either, because the spinning won’t shake up your carbonated drink.

Are you ready to invite all of your friends over and turn your living room into a Mad Man-esque bar? Keurig DrinkMate and Juno will both be available soon, so keep an eye on Best Buy to pick up your own.

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