LG Press Conference

LG hit the ground running at CES 2020. They offered updates on new and existing appliances at their press conference this morning, and they shared the big news on how they’re using AI (artificial intelligence) in their appliances. There was even a sneak peek a brand new LG Wine Cooler that’s bound to appeal to any wine fan.

Bring AI into your kitchen

Along with voice commands you can use to access features on your appliances, LG announced they will have an AI-powered customer care service to personalize how you install your appliances and help you troubleshoot any issues you may have.

Proactive Customer Care will prevent problems that can come up when you’re using your appliances. If, for example, your dishwasher water line is plugged or disconnected, your dishwasher would let you immediately know there was a problem. It’s designed to improve your user experience and prevent costly repairs.

LG InstaView Refrigerator with Craft Ice

LG InstaView with craft ice

LG InstaView Refrigerators are already available, and the knock feature lets you check out what’s inside the refrigerator without having to open the door and let cold air escape. It’s a popular refrigerator for its powerful cooling system and unique food storage options, and now it has been updated to offer you a better way to serve up beverages at home.

The LG InstaView with Craft Ice is a refrigerator that creates slow-melting ice balls perfectly shaped for every glass. They form inside the freezer and you can just pop them out, put them in a beverage, and enjoy taste-free, odour-free ice cubes for every drink.

LG InstaView Oven

LG InstaView Oven

Just like the LG InstaView refrigerator, the LG InstaView Convection Oven lets you knock on the door to see what’s going on inside. Because there is no need to open the door, you avoid heat loss that could affect whatever you’re baking, broiling, or air frying.

You will be able to cook like a professional chef with access to over 100,000 recipes from different websites. Even better, when you decide on a recipe your oven will receive precise instructions on how to cook it.

LG ThinQ Washer and Dryer

LG ThinQ Press Conferenence

One of the most useful innovations LG has been working on is the LG ThinQ washer and dryer. When you put in a load of clothes the washing machine will automatically detect how heavy the load is and the type of fabric it is washing. It uses that information to decide on what the best wash cycle will be.

If that’s not cool enough, the dryer will pair with the washer to receive the same data. That way, whatever you wash will be treated properly by the dryer.

LG Signature Wine Cellar

LG SIgnature Series Wine Cellar

LG InstaView is one of their best innovations, so why not have it on your wine cellar too? The LG Signature Wine Cellar lights up when you knock on the door twice, and you can see your entire wine collection on display. It has multi-temp controls for each level so you can store different types of wine, and it has optimal venting so you can perfectly preserve your special bottles.

That’s just what LG has unveiled on the first day at CES 2020. Keep an eye out for the latest on CES 2020 right here on Best Buy’s blog.


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