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If Samsung has any say in it, 2020 will be the year of the Samsung kitchen. They’ve announced several new additions to the Samsung appliance lineup including the Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator, and they’ve added AI (artificial intelligence), improved functionality, and made every task easier.

New Samsung Family Hub launched

CES2020 samsung appliances

The Samsung Family Hub has always kept you connected to your home and your family connected to each other. Now, with the latest version of the Family Hub, you get meal planning, recipe suggestions, and a better look inside your refrigerator. Thanks to AI-enhanced cameras, your fridge will scan the products inside, identify them, and send you updates on what you’ve got on hand or what’s missing. It will make a shopping list for you based on your recipe recommendations and dietary requirements, and come up with the perfect meal plan for your family.

Family Hub will also offer your entire family better ways to connect with unique ways to share entertainment, different types of media, schedules, and more. You can even create a virtual bulletin board to share photos or videos or share music playlists with the entire family. There’s also the SmartView feature, letting you all sit together in the kitchen and watch mirrored content streaming from your TV or Samsung mobile device.

With the Samsung Family Hub, your refrigerator will be the hub for controlling your smart home. It can control over 1,000 SmartThings-compatible products including thermostats, door locks, and more.

Portable Slim Double Induction 2-Burner Stove

Samsung induction cooktop

When you want to increase your cooking space but don’t want to switch out your range, the Samsung Portable Slim Double Induction 2-Burner Stove will be the perfect option. New from Samsung, the Portable Slim has nine different cooking settings so you can boil, saute, and grill. The stove top is portable so you can move it around in your home or tuck it away to save space.

Samsung Cube Refrigerator series


Samsung’s Cube Refrigerators are compact, stylish, and stackable. There are 3 models including wine, beer, and beauty, and because they are stackable you can literally place them anywhere. Samsung even recommends you keep one in the bedroom, and there’s a special cooling technology built-in that makes the Cube quiet enough to run while you’re sleeping.

Samsung WA8500V Front Load Washer

A washing machine with voice control has finally arrived, and that’s not the only amazing thing about the WA8500V Front Load Washer. It has a large capacity, great wash cycle options including super speed, and Wi-Fi connectivity so you can download cycles or connect it to your smart home.

Bot Chef

Bot Chef

Samsung has always been on the cutting edge of technology, so it’s no surprise they’ve developed some futuristic devices for your kitchen. Take the Bot Chef for example. Unveiled at CES 2020, the Bot Chef will chop, pour, whisk, and clean. The robotic arms will take on all types of kitchen tasks, and can even work beside you when you need extra help.

It’s going to be exciting when the latest and greatest from Samsung hits the shelves. Check out everything Samsung has available right now, and stay tuned for more from CES 2020.

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