In the summer the only meals I make at home tend to be BBQ, so any appliance upgrade I might be interested in will wait until back to school or early fall. I want to know I’ll use it the second I unpack the box, and with fall almost here I’ve been searching for the best blender I can find to make all those back to school smoothies, weekends of hollandaise sauce, and milkshakes for movie nights.

That’s why I was excited to see that Best Buy now carries Ninja blenders. Not only are Ninja blenders the best blenders to make smoothies for a crowd, they’re virtual powerhouses that can double as a food processor and even whip up a batch of cookie dough. They also have something extra that most blenders don’t: Nutri Ninja cups fit right on the blender so you can whip up an individual smoothie without using the large blender bucket.

Here’s a look at a few of the Ninja blenders Best Buy carries. If you’re in the market for the best blender for fall and beyond, take a peek at the amazing features on these blenders.

Choose the Ninja Nutri Auto iQ Kitchen System for the best blender and food processor

When you want the best blender you start at the top, and the top of the Ninja blender lineup is the Ninja Nutri Auto iQ Kitchen System. It’s a 1500 watt stand blender with iQ technology to blend your favourite fruit and vegetables or crush ice into snow. Included in the box is a food processor bowl that fits on the same base as the blender bucket, and that food processor bowl can chop and pulse, or grate cheese with the reversible slicer/shredder disc.

The food processor bowl has an 8-cup capacity to let you go beyond just chopping vegetables, and it can make dough, dip, and purees. Also included with the Ninja Auto iQ Kitchen system are two Ninja cups that let you whip up a smoothie and take with you on the go.


Turn ice into snow with the Ninja Professional 2.1L 1100-Watt stand blender

Ninja professional blender

If you already own a food processor, the Ninja Professional is the best blender for you. It has a 2.1L bucket and 1100 watts of power. With six blades controlled by the electronic panel and three speeds you can whip up smoothies or drinks for a crowd or pulverize ice into snow in seconds.

The Ninja Professional also includes two 16oz. Tritan Nutri Ninja cups with Sip & Seal lids so you can make an individual smoothie for you and everyone in your family.

It’s smoothies for one with the Ninja Nutri Auto iQ single serve

Ninja single serve blenderWhen you want the best blender for a quick and satisfying smoothie or drink, look no further than the Ninja 1000W single serve stand blender. It has all of the power and speed you’d love from a full size Ninja, but it’s designed for single servings with three different sizes of to-go cups: one 18oz., one 24oz., and one 32oz.

All Ninja blenders are BPA-free, and all of the bowls and cups are dishwasher safe so clean up is easy.

Take a look at all of the Ninja Canada blenders, available on Best Buy right now.

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